After The Wedding 2 

In those few moments, I wondered deeply the path of my life. It struck me to the core. God! What would happen? What were people going to say? 

Guests at this wedding would draw conclusions. I believed some had already started. How I could afford a grand wedding with my meager salary. Well… 

For a moment, I had come back to reality. Did I really do all this with Linda. The people, the decor, the rings, was this my wedding? I was tensed and I couldn’t imagine how quick these few days had gone. 

I rushed to Linda’s side and we took her into one of the empty halls. Her mother, myself and my mother too. Linda’s father called an ambulance. 

My mind in that short time was cast to the many days when we spent our life together. Linda’s happy and cheerful heart. Even at 26, she was the perfect mate for me. She was responsible and dedicated. We never missed speaking to each other in a day. It was a ritual. She majored in language and had not yet finished her masters. She had become my best pal but today, I wondered deeply if all that was going to end. 

After five minutes Linda’s mother had already opened her zip and poured some water on her face. My mother fanned her face. 

Linda began to seem fidgety, as though she had a bad nightmare and finally got up. She was ‘away’ for some seconds and started smiling. 

Yoofi! She held my face and kissed me on the lip. She made me love her more. Both mothers turned away briefly as they couldn’t believe the drama that ensued between both of us. Especially in these pre-wedding days. 

‘Linda, thank God’…

Her mother said. 

‘I felt so uncomfortable in the dress, I thought I could manage the discomfort till we finished the event, but I’m fine. It’s so tight I couldn’t even breathe well’ 

It now dawned on me that both of us really hadn’t rested in these few days of intense preparations for our huge wedding. 

We had to go back and talk to the audience who seemed unperturbed, at least for a fewer sect, about what was happening to Linda. 

‘Linda, you scared me’ I said… 

Linda’s mum and mine and all those in the room had left to speak to the audience so we continue the ceremony. 

‘Were you scared?’, she asked, playfully. 

‘Yes, I was’… 

Linda could feel the honesty in my voice. She loved me more at that moment and I also did. Our eyes locked and luckily, there was no one in the room. Amidst the tension, we found the space to ourselves. I forgot the heavy red lip colour on her lip and the paintings on her face (they said it was make-up) and we took over that single moment, used it to our advantage. We shut everyone out, made the room our world, while both lips kept glued to each other in an intense minute which felt like forever. 

Both women entered the room, this time with Linda’s dad. The scene gave them reason to affirm in their hearts the love we had for ourselves. Whatever the statements popping in their heads were, we actually didn’t care. All we needed was each other.

We turned and saw our parents. The women looked cheerful and Linda’s dad had just asked the ambulance service to retire. 

‘I have never experienced such drama in a long while’. 

My mum said to Linda’s parents. 

They both smiled. 

‘Let me congratulate you for this wedding. We did not have much to contribute but you people have made us happy… Initially we thought it was over the top but it’s been a beautiful ceremony’. 

My mum smiled. She knew I had everything under control. After all, her son would soon have all the money to afford an even bigger wedding. Why worry? 

‘Yes, you are a lovely people’. My mum said. 

Our professional emcee had handled the audience so well. He even managed to make a joke about weddings and trying to find the perfect dress. He was just the perfect round peg for the hole that day. Such an amazing man; articulate, interesting and superb. 

Linda’s dress had to be re-adjusted. Both women used a razor to lose some threads and she felt more comfortable. 

‘You’re okay now?’ My mum asked her. 

 ‘Yes mummy, thank you’ Linda smiled. 

Our second dance into the hall was met with great excitement. I think this one had more energy than before. Linda shook her body and released her all-enticing dancing style. It was a memorable moment. The guests cheered, ate and brought gifts to the table. 

My school mates and friends from work felt they were seeing a different person today. To them I was that simple, humble gentleman who was not extravagant. But I had given them cause to work hard for bigger and better weddings. 

We walked back into the room, graciously and continued to have fun. Everything moved on smoothly as though nothing had ever even happened. 

Whew! What a day already. 

‘Let’s  welcome any family members present for the photographs’ the Emcee announced. 
Linda and I moved to the gaint ‘water fountain’ we had spent days building for the event. 

The photographers came prepared. Directions were easy to follow and you had no doubt the photographs would come out just perfect. 

The family members all stood ready for the picture… 

The photographer announced… 

‘Ready in three, two, one …’ 

‘Wait for me, I’m one of them too’. 

Someone shouted from the back… This person had started approaching. He wore a round hat and a long white overall traditional gown. 

‘Who this was, I had no idea. We all were confused till he drew closer’.