After The Wedding 1

I had always explained to Linda I had just secured a job with Greenhouse Publishers in Accra as a literary scout. She knew apart from the salary I earned, my grandfather’s wealth had been willed to me. Not her fault though, and not entirely mine, I had let that information out after we had kissed for the first time. 

The feeling was so divine I thought we had dated for twelve years already instead of the twelve months. 

My Grandfather died peacefully at the age 95. He was strong till death and sickness wasn’t a friend. He had battled headaches, body pains and weakness with faith. His mind was his power and his swiftness to rebuke any negativity was as that of a chased hare. 

His estate was large and everyone knew I was his favourite grandson. He loved me back too. At twelve, I knew the location of his safe and the password to it, I also knew his savings and was the only one, when I was eighteen able to withdraw at the bank on his behalf. He had already willed me a car, that I knew of, but for the five million cedis and ninety-seven thousand dollars, my mum and friends had started giving me so much attention, love and care because they knew that money wouldn’t pass me by. 

The will was scheduled to be read on 11th December, and my wedding was on the 3rd. Grandfather’s lawyer was my best friend too. Apparently, he had been asked by him before his death to keep the will sealed before it was read. The lawyer swore he knew nothing about the content, except another hired lawyer who had no interest in the family’s affairs but had helped Grandfather draft the will. 

Linda and I printed invitation cards the size of an A4. We used eggshell for the exquisite design and the ribbons for the seal of our card was ordered from Dubai. Linda’s best friend had selected five hundred of the ribbons at a cost of thirty Cedis each. Her friend had called to tell us about an inferior one that looked great. When Linda told me about the option, I almost agreed, but her beautiful eyes didn’t permit my opinion. It almost sparked an argument. We agreed that night, and like other couples, before marriage, we almost broke our promise to remain chaste till the wedding day, when we saw the image of Christ on my room’s wall. 

Mummy called me that night to ask me about the cards. She even wanted to sponsor, but after telling her the cost of one card was fifty-eight Cedis, she knew I was a big man now. She wouldn’t even spend a dime. Already Linda’s attitude towards my mum was almost uncontainable, they disagreed on almost everything concerning the marriage. 

But later, when mummy knew I had told her about the money, they became friends and shared ideas together. How lovely, and… peaceful. A man’s forever wish! 

My single mother was a banker. Noble, nothing extravagant. She really did not have a good thing with my grandfather because she decided to leave Terry, my father. 

Terry was a soldier. Christian, prayerful, strong but he liked to flirt. He flirted with almost all of mum’s friends. He swore he never had any extra marital affairs but mum called it quits when she found him smooching her best friend at a party. 
She found very provocative messages on his phone a number of times. He argued it was only a game. But mom never bought his explanation, so he simply left after the constant nagging and disturbance. 

He’s now a church elder at Red Hot Christian Army. Our prayer’s his deliverance. Or else… 

Grandfather hated mum’s decision. He called her Jezebel, and their relationship froze. 

Within six days, Linda’s wedding gown was ready. After checking sixteen designers out on Instagram she settled on the second most expensive one. I’d keep the price for now. 

But she looked stunning on the wedding day. The elegant wedding ring, the beautiful bouquet of roses from Freda’s garden and the awesome cologne that we splashed in the air. 

The decoration cost us almost twelve thousand Cedis. What made the cost soar was the beautiful water fountain we spent three days fitting in the room. Linda and I had dreamt of having our first photo as a wedded couple in front of water to represent the power of our bond, flowing as water superfluously flows through a fountain. 

Because we did not have enough money for the rest of the wedding plans, Linda and I decided to borrow from a bank. We managed to secure some good money for the rest of the arrangements. 

On the 1st of December, Linda and I had finished planning the food, water and drink. We wanted a full three course meal, and drinks should replace water if possible. Then, the photographers. Oh my! 

On the wedding day, we had about two hundred guests. Petals of all colours. Gold, peach, turquoise, silver, name them. Then the choir from church had competition from the orchestra we invited to play from the Gold Music school. 

Friends and family couldn’t get enough of the moments of the day! They were all amazed with the stunning decoration, incredible detail, relishing drinks, and lovely atmosphere. We used drones for our photographs and videos. 

The souvenirs for guests were perfumes from France, a towel and a wallet or purse, with our names beautifully embossed on it. 

Linda’s make up cost 2,000 Cedis. We wanted the best. To tell you the truth, I think those few days were simply unreal for both of us. We had to create an impression that would last, we both went all out to make the day superb. 

The wedding day couldn’t end. Friends couldn’t stop thinking about the moments of the celebration. 

People were in praise of my mother’s readiness to make this day glorious. Most people thought she’d lived a humble life just to save towards this day. Everything was perfect. 

Linda’s bridesmaids, six of them, looked beautiful so did my men who gladly followed after me. My pastor was happy to officiate, and we blessed his lovely heart with a ram after the wedding to show our appreciation. 

Our rings were diamond rings. They had been made by my friend’s company, Total Diamonds. James, my friend was able to make his company understand, as deputy manager that these rings could go on credit. He assured them I was a man of my word and my estate was great. I didn’t intend to make so many people know about it. All I wanted to do was assure them I was totally capable of paying my debt right after the will was read. My friends knew the relationship between my Grandfather and me, and no one was doubting the fact that my financial status would transcend in a very short while. Both rings cost 1,500 dollars and we spent almost 1,000 more dollars on jewelry for our bridal train. The magazines we had seen had uniform jewelry and we wanted nothing less. 

We enjoyed every bit of the day. Host of Peace Fm’s morning show, Kokrokoo, Emceed the wedding. He wouldn’t even charge but we had to show appreciation. 
Linda’s family pulled her aside after the first part of the ceremony. It was a brief moment. She had an awesome family. A patient father, an understanding mother. Both teachers in senior high schools. She returned looking more beautiful than before in her kente. 
We danced into the hall together. The feeling was sensational. Friends couldn’t stop but admire the charm in our eyes. I’m certain our wedding was the reality of so many young people’s dreams. 
Linda and I sat on the seat, the lights were switched to from white to a shade of purple and light red that lit the room up and gave it a view I loved. 
Our emcee invited us both to cut the grand cake. Linda and I stood up amidst cheers from the audience, anytime our eyes met, we loved ourselves the more. 
The walk to cut our gaint cake didn’t finish well. Linda lost consciousness. I just thought my world had crushed, and every one would say everything. 
I couldn’t understand anything… I was lost…