After The Wedding 5

The day had finally arrived. Was the reading of grandfather’s will. I think I felt so uncomfortable that night, not uncomfortable persay, but that feeling that is common when you have a tough exam to write, and have spent so much time studying. Should I call it anxiety? Well, it was bad. 

Linda noticed my composure. She tried to calm me down. 

‘Yoofi, I think you are too worried about this. A thing for you…’ 

She said, smiled and caressed my hair gently. 

Oh, that feeling! 

That relaxed my nerves. I could tell, over and over again, that if not for this tension, we would have engaged ourselves in a steamy time of love, under the cool December winds. 

Our love was new, the only barrier was our hurdle we had to cross in a few hours. 

At seven in the morning, I heard the phone ring…

‘Hello’ I picked up. 

‘Yoofi, guess you’re coming?’ 

‘Yes mum, we are on our way’.

‘The estate your grandfather is leaving you is huge, you know that?’ 

Now I didn’t know what was coming next. But I was certain even mummy wanted to secure a good share. 

‘Awesome, remember King Solomon, and how he used the wealth God had gi…’

I just looked up to heaven. I couldn’t imagine why this advice was coming now. 

Mum wanted me to assure her I wasn’t going to forget her after I had the money from grandfather. 

‘Mum, I’m driving… We’d meet at the reading’. I told her. 

Driving to the house was like a journey forever unending. Linda kept looking at me and at a point offered to drive while I probably just sat down quietly and stopped fretting over nothing. 


‘Yoofi, let me handle this…’ She asked me politely. 

‘Park, and allow me to drive you to grandfather’s house’ Linda convinced. 

‘Leave me alone, I said I’m fine’. I raised my voice. Not only my voice too, my hands as well. We were currently going at top speed but my nerves wouldn’t make me realize that. 

If tension could lock my man’s function during the honeymoon, what else couldn’t it do? 

I remember my mum talking to me, and my dad, telling me not to worry deeply about so many things, especially things I had no control of. 

I had done that again, crying, depressed, worried, overly desperate about a will everyone knew was mine. 

Before Linda could reply to my yell, before she could convince me that the speed we were driving at was overly dangerous, and before I even realized how much of a fool I was, both of us were under the curse of a huge truck that approached us. We hit into the truck, beneath it, our life’s came to an abrupt end, no will, no more suspense, just me in heaven or hell, I can’t even tell. 

The final seconds of my life were bitter. Before I heard medics approach, fire service and some pressmen record what had happened, I regretted deeply the results of my action. Foolish, unnecessary and immature. 

I had crushed like an hour glass, the sand’s telling of time wouldn’t even matter to anyone now. 

I wanted to fight, but seeing Linda crushed gave life no meaning for me. I wished I could hold her, and make her breathe. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t talk. 

Life had ended for me, so did it end for Linda. I couldn’t apologize enough.

The will was read though. They tried reaching me on my cell phone to know my bearing. No one answered. 

Now, with my absence on this earth, my creditors could go and worry my swift ghost, but my concern is whether you still want to know the content of the will. 

I learnt my lesson the hard way, I’ve been taught the toughest way by life. I’d still share with you the content… 

Grandfather’s house. 


‘We have spent almost two hours waiting for Yoofi and his wife. Grandfather never stated that Yoofi’s absence would stop the reading of the will… I’d proceed’.  
‘I leave my holiday house in Keta to my daughter’s husband. He could decide to do whatever he wants with it’

Yoofi’s mum couldn’t believe it. She was going to swallow the much bitter pill after she heard about what had just happened. 

‘And for Yoofi 

Yoofi was my young grandson. He’s shown me so much love, and I love him back. Everyday I spent time with him sharing my deepest secrets and he always tried to defend others, and asked me to forgive them. 

Even when I told him about my friends I had completely cut off, Yoofi told me to never say I had cut them off. 

He has a very soft heart. I kept reminding my grandson to be bold and tough in life. I asked him to man-up, and for five times I changed the content of this will so I get the best for him. I told him to be a man as successful as I was he should be ready to cut off friends, colleagues and even family who would hinder his success. He wouldn’t take that but argue unending, defending them’. 

So I’ve given him everything. All I have. The money, cars, everything. But because I want him to remain kind-hearted, a man who keeps everyone else at heart, he’s only going to manage the funds in the name of the three orphanages which I’ve always funded. 

He personally doesn’t own any of the money, but every withdrawal is to support the orphans. 
He’d act as the manager of the funds, but still remain accountable to the orphanage. I’ll just want to make his soft heart more complete. 

He’s still my favorite friend’. 

The end! 


11 thoughts on “After The Wedding 5

  1. Whaaaaaat????? How could grandfather do that? How kind could a man be that he wouldn’t even need money for himself. That’s just some wickedness right there. I mean who does that??

  2. Lol. I don’t think that’s wickedness tho.. there’s much blessing in helping the needy… Granny knows best!
    N did Yoofi really die???? N the wife????

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