After The Wedding 4 

The honey moon had been the worst of my days so far. After a lovely wedding, I had spent my time thinking deeply about my life, and allowed so much stress to worry me. 

I moved to Instagram, then I saw a hashtag on my wedding with Linda. We were trending! Good Lord. That was the best news I had seen. It took my mind off so much. 

The comments were lovely. Charley, you haven’t seen me this happy. The photo studio had released some photos and everything made others wonder, could I afford this? Some of the comments; 

‘This is my dream wedding, OMG, the couple is lovely, the water fountain, I need my boo to do me fine like this’

Onaapo babe 

Another one read

These rings dier, diamond proper o, chai… I need a wedding now’

Farida faya. 

This one even made me shout… 

‘I see weddings before but this one dier no size. I mean, see the couple! This should cost a fortune’. 

Boss Dan. 

Just when I was shouting and celebrating the fun on Instagram alone, Linda came in. 

She was surprised my mood had changed. She had wanted to apologize, but seeing me in a good mood made her happy too. 

‘What’s happening, tell me?’ She asked me. 

‘Our wedding photos are trending’ I told her, handed over the phone. 

She couldn’t believe it. She said the pictures were divine. 

‘I think we just had the best time ever, there are more to come’ Linda said, looked into my eyes and loved me more, I also loved her. 

‘I’m sorry, love’ Linda said.

‘I’m also sorry’. 

We stared deeply into our eyes. The feeling was different. Everything was set aside, and life couldn’t be more special than this particular moment. 

We shared our first kiss after the wedding, and my man was ready to fight! Strong, living and active. Linda was amazed. It was a deep moment of love and passion. Nothing forced, just both of us, making time for ourselves. 

We rolled and moved our bodies together, steamy rhythms of intensive movements. Then we fell asleep in each other’s arms. We were now officially Mr and Mrs! We achieved it, we stayed chaste till marriage and I think God blessed us with an exceptional experience today, the intimacy was unseen… Hah!!! 

The rest of our time at the hotel was spent making love and eating expensive food. We tried new dishes together and made trips around the city. 

All we wanted to do was rest but we couldn’t tell ourselves to stop loving. We wanted an extra day, but our last funds were what we used to book the hotel and pay for the flight back. 

In the end, we had spent approximately three thousand, four hundred dollars on our honey moon. It was worth it, lovely beautiful time. 

On the day we packed our bags, we couldn’t but spend one more time together. We almost missed the flight. That was another highlight of our first time as a couple. 

At the airport, we had to run like children going on break time. We rushed to get our tickets checked. We didn’t care who looked at us. Linda removed her heels and followed my pace. 

When we finally sat in the plane, the last two people actually, everyone we passed by looked at us and tried to understand why we decided to be woefully late. Not that they were waiting for us, but they were just about to take off. 

And it delayed. Linda looked at me… 

‘I love you’ 

I laughed, sighed and slept… I think she also did. 


Back to Ghana. 

We were tired. I spent the night sleeping and relaxing on the bed. Linda stayed in the kitchen of my apartment trying to cook my favourite. 

We both spent some good time talking about everything that had happened. 

‘Linda, could you make me believe, you actually thought I was not there?’ I teased. 

‘I’m sorry love’. 

She wrapped her hands round neck and kissed me. 

‘Babe, I have something to show you’. Linda held in her hand a notepad. 

I opened it. She had written down all our expenses to the last detail. What we had paid for and the ones we still owed. 

As for the loan, we had already used up all of it. 

The outstanding debt was 

Twelve thousand, six hundred and thirty dollars. That’s almost fifty-four thousand Ghana Cedis. 

‘Linda, we’d start paying everything after the will is read’ I held her hands.

‘Don’t worry’, I told her. 

That evening, we said a prayer together. We had just a day more to wait for the reading of the will. 

I called my grandfather’s lawyer, my friend. 

He assured me about my grandfather’s love for me and how he continued mentioning my name whenever he met him for discussions. 

‘Yoofi, this man was always telling us about you. I don’t know the content of the will, yes, that’s with the other lawyer, I think because I was working with him on business projects and lawsuits, he decided to choose another lawyer for the will, that surprised me anyway. 

He’ll join us to read the will. Your mum and grandfather’s other siblings’ children would be around to hear the details’. 

I kept my fingers crossed. Just one more day, my life would change. I slept late that night, did I even sleep? 

Guess I knew why…

Change was coming!!! 


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