After The Wedding 3.

The deep voice came twenty seconds after the whole family had gathered to take the photo. Don’t be bothered about me saying whole… it’s not really a big family. 

It was Dad! 

Good Lord! This man was transformed. He had grown handsome and his countenance was unusual. 

Mum had missed. 

If grandfather was alive now, I’m certain he would’ve cursed mum louder. Grandfather would have loved to see what a fine gentleman his son-in-law had become. 

For the first time, I knew mum wouldn’t look good in a photo. She could not hold back her surprise at his development over the years. There was something, something, about his look. Maybe mum should have given him some time to change. His ugly flirtatious behavior with women. He never had affairs, never, but the flirting, at least those I saw were intimidating and irritating. 

We took the photo anyway. It was going to be an amazing portrait after the wedding, large and beautiful in the mansion I knew myself and Linda were moving into. 

Sounds tasty, doesn’t it? 

The wedding was superb. Some scary events almost freaked me out. Thank You Lord! It was amazing. 

I saw mum and dad speaking after the wedding. She still loved him. She wished he could stop the ugly behavior he had, but it wasn’t possible. I don’t know the words they shared, but the hug made mum cry. 

Guests came over to congratulate us. My friends were in love with the decor and everything. Linda’s friends told her about how lovely she looked and how lucky she was. Can I stop talking about the wedding now? 

We spent the night in mum’s house. We couldn’t open the gifts and we were too tired to do the do the night of our wedding. It was all about speaking about the moments, how things fared and sharing gentle kisses, till we fell in each other’s arms, waking up almost late for church. 

Sunday morning came fast. Church was good. Everyone talked about us. The afternoon lunch was grand. We selected The Gold Coast City Hotel as our venue and invited only close friends and family of thirty to the event. That cost us about seven thousand Cedis in all. 

Grand celebration. We were not ending soon. We were ready to complete our wedding celebrations with our trip to South Africa for three days on our lovely honeymoon. 

That night, at the Cape Town African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel and Spa, Linda and I, husband and wife, felt at peace than any other day. We could feel the bond and the efforts at making our lives stay together for a very long time. 

For the very first time, I saw the beauty of my lovely wife in full glory. She wore her beautiful morning coat given her by the hotel and after bathing, she came to the room and graced my eyes with goodness. 
I knew this was a great opportunity and would be the first time we were going to be intimate as a couple. I had thought about the expenses we had incurred in the preparations and during the wedding some minutes ago, the stress we had been through and the reading of the will. 

I had also considered the feeling of becoming super wealthy in a space of three days and how my life was going to be transformed. 

Those thoughts consumed my drive. My man wouldn’t smile. I was tensed. Linda asked me to relax. At a point in time, she felt she wasn’t attractive enough. We both tried everything, everything. No action. 

I’ve never seen this before. Linda was worried. Had she just married an impotent man? Powerless? Or was this thing about my new wealth just a hoax? 

‘Now, tell me, what is wrong?, I thought we were both stressed?’ 

Linda’s tone was rising now. 

‘Linda, calm down, easy’. I explained. 

She seemed worried. I couldn’t believe she couldn’t understand the way I was feeling. 

‘Why should you be nervous about something that belongs to you. We’ll pay all the debt and move on. It’s just about five-six days away’. 

Linda had a point. 

Before I could lift my head and call her to join me in bed so we could give it a shot for the fifth time, Linda had left the room. 

Why was my new wife impatient? I couldn’t make any sense of her actions. She’d come around I assured myself. 

Where she had gone, what she was going to do, I had no idea. 

I turned, watched Linda’s diary… She had written in detail every cost for the wedding. 

Calculating the grand total made me scream… I think I fainted briefly … 


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