Proudly Behind The Scenes! 

Watch any program or television show. You see the presenters, how glamorous and beautiful they look. The fame, the parties, the deals, the contacts they do establish. How they enjoy all the attention and get to interview great people. 

But we come to realize that there are so many people behind the scenes that make things happen. After your favourite television talk show or your favourite movie, take some time to look at the production team. It’s very likely you may run out of patience if you try to look at all the names that appear after the movie. 

We have to understand that there will surely come a time where we’d have to be behind the scenes for someone else’s star to shine and shine so bright. 

Our world today doesn’t permit that? Everyone wants to be in the spotlight. Feel the full glare of the pretty cameras and hear people scream and mention their names everywhere. In this post I’d celebrate five categories of people who are always behind the scenes making things happen. 

1. Praying Grandmothers/Mothers

Their prayers are like a magic wand. They’re are strong pillars behind our lives, commanding angels and God’s favor to take charge over many circumstances. They are the Warriors on the real battlefield, and they make things happen for most of us. They fight battles that have the potential to cripple their strength but they move on and do not give up. We owe them big time. 

2. A supportive spouse

Whether she is a banker and he is a teacher, or he runs a serious business and she is the house wife managing a provision shop. A supportive spouse would cook for the family, organize your schedule, calm your nerves and treat you with honor. They understand the pressures of a difficult job and do all they can to make the home happy. That’s the positive life. There are so many spouses who work behind the scenes to make their other half shine. It takes some nerve to keep being supportive. Kudos! 

3. Personal Assistants

Remarkably dedicated, this task is one of the most hectic ones. Helping to make major decisions, performing tasks in record time and making things happen for others. Personal assistants go through the stress of organizing another person’s schedule to ensure they are on point. And guess what, apart from the salary they receive, they are not even recognized after a major event. Good job done. 

4. Camera men, crew, production assistants, make up artists. 

The movie creators. We hear of actors and actresses making millions of dollars. They become the stars, go on heavy vacations, get record deals and make huge investments. The crew remain hidden. The role they play makes it almost impossible for them to be in the spotlight. They are always on time, have patience to instruct and go the extra mile to see that a production is perfect. They may have wanted to win some major attention. They understand that to make it happen, people have to behind the scenes! 

5. Soldiers and Fighters

While we probably cruise and chill, someone is fighting to protect our lives. They lay down their lives, and make tough sacrifices so that we could have some peace. We don’t see their numerous activities, but it goes on, in war zones and places with troubles. Thank you our security personnel. 

Sometimes, we tend to disrespect people behind the scenes. People in the spotlight may be tempted to show them disrespect and a wicked attitude. 

A husband may not respect his wife because she has put her education on hold. Forgetting she has sacrificed so much to see him shine. 

An ungrateful child may call his praying grandmother a witch and call her names. 

A television host would feel ‘big’ and give no respect to the crew. 

Remember, without them, life wouldn’t run smoothly as expected. 

Celebrate someone behind the scenes today! 

I just did mine, who are you celebrating? 

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