Careful… Call Ended? 

Annoying spouse, difficult clients, troublesome friend. 

Few of the categories of people who’ll make you curse, giggle, diss or make fun of after a phone call. 

But before you are tempted to do any of that, maybe you have to hear these stories. They may either 

1. Make you bold tell people directly how you feel about an issue 

2. Make sure you don’t joke with your call ended button on your phone 

3. Be very careful about pocket-dialing, butt-dialing or hip dialing. 

Ghanaians talk, and the world over women do talk a lot. 

I’d share some experiences from people and mine as well. 


Client Lost

I had this client I was working for. I had just landed a deal to write speeches for this client. He was an influential man and a head of an oil company. 

He sketched the details of his speech and I wrote it as he wanted. After sending him my reply, he called back late to tell me I had not written what he sent. 

So I went back and checked. It was the same thing he sent. 

In a few hours, he sent a different thing to me to work on. Worked on it and wrote it carefully for him. He called back to say my tone for the speech was too calm and he wanted to sound more ‘CEOish’. 

Did that. 

He called again to tell me I had written like the staff of his work and club were his minors so while he drove he quoted verbatim what he wanted to say. 

I typed it and sent it to him. Guess what? 

He called again and said I had not done what he asked of me. In the cause of me trying to explain that I did just what he asked, he insisted what he said was different. 

Considering the workload on me for the day, and me spending so much time on a one-paged speech I got peeved. 

So after the call, I began complaining about why some clients were so troublesome and would disturb people. 

I called him someone who did not know what he wanted, and said he was confused. 

Then I looked at my phone. 

Damn! He was still on the line. Saying repeatedly, Hello, Hello, Hello. 

I hang up quickly. He called again, pretended he didn’t hear my comments, and that was all. 

I lost the deal. Cost me money. 


Wife’s Error 

She had visited her girls. Married to a man she loved. There had been some challenges in the marriage and like girls always do… 

They Talk… And Plenty. 

As they had their convo, girls girls, the married woman had a call from her husband. He asked her where she was and made some enquiries. 

Then they ‘ended’ the call. 

Trouble began after the call. 

She started narrating the problems of the home to her friends. She spoke of how she truly felt concerning her man, how lazy he was and the fact that he wasn’t bringing home money. 

He hadn’t put the phone down yet. She heard someone shouting 


And guess. The mess had been created. 

Another marital peace destroyed. 

3. Plot unraveled. 

Jamie planned to make Lucy suffer for something she had not done. Jamie was Lucy’s best friend. She trusted him so much. 

They worked in a bank, and Jamie had forged Lucy’s signature to a set of documents that would have gotten him dismissed. 

On the night before the morning when auditors would come around, Lucy had a ‘call’ from Jamie. 

She repeatedly said ‘Hello, hello’ 

No response. 

Then she heard Jamie’s voice. He was alone in the room. 

I’m forging and forging till it can’t be see its me. He laughed and giggled. Jamie called the assistant manager who was her personal friend to cross check for her.

Story short, Jamie was arrested. 

Pocket dialing or not hanging up on a call could have serious implications. 

That’s when you understand that apart from people who are pleased to gossip and paint others dark, most Ghanaians and people all over are not able to voice how they feel. 

It would have been simple if we said the truth about how we feel. Than waiting for the person’s absence after all a call. 

Be careful, shhhh… Who’s listening. 

Cheers to a good day! 

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