Five Ugly Mistakes Ghanaian Parents make. And Then…(2)

We continue the expedition to parents world of mistakes. 

Mistake Number 3. 

When a parent by God’s grace has seen their child get married, the next expectation is to see their grandchildren so that their titles of Grandpa and Grandma do not go defunct. 

In actual sense, to most parents, having grandchildren comes with so much pride and happiness and they cannot afford to miss those experiences. Where their children would be so busy working and leave their grandchildren with them. 

But it’s sometimes not easy to get a baby. For some people it’s a Herculean task and parents become the fuel to troubling those children to make very dangerous choices. 

Some parents would call their children names. There are instances where the parents suspect the child may have been into some bad practices or should have been cursed by some old man or woman in the village. 

Barrenness ruins so many great relationships in families. The pressure and questions from parents could ruin a marriage totally. Usually it’s the woman first. They assume her womb is perpetually shut and she cannot carry her own baby. 

Until now, just a few parents support their children and show them love and concern when it comes to the very delicate matter of child bearing. 

If the couple is affluent, the parents could speculate the obvious. Probably, the man has donated every semen he would ever produce to a cult in exchange for money. Some Ghanaian Parents say worse and actually do worse. 

That’s a huge blunder. 

Childbearing is a gift from God. He gives to whom He pleases and it’s about time. If more parents were supportive and more understanding, the probability of them seeing more grandchildren would not be a problem at all. 

Mistake Number 4

Every child has a different dream and goal. Thanks be to God. There’s been an increasing awareness that every career has potential to earn income, provided the individual is creative, dedicated and committed to the goals they set. 

When it comes to academia, especially choosing a course or a field of study, some parents are seen to dominate. 

Heard of a friend whose father had purchased  university admission forms for him and filled out all the details without telling him about it. 

(I felt he should have his father in court already) 

Some parents would want their family members to remain doctors and would act as though their children who may have chosen a different discipline were disobedient and rebellious. 

And if the parents are successful in persuading their children to do a particular course or study a particular program against their will… 

This happens. 

Children become less passionate and miss the joy in being in school. Children have a hard time focusing on their true dreams and goals and it kills their spirit. 


The parents start to complain. He’s not performing. His results are woefully bad. She has been following guys around and not studying. 

Maybe you should remember as parents that helping your children become better doesn’t mean making every single decision for them. It means giving them the necessary guidance and counseling, while you pay attention to their thoughts and seek their best interest. 


Mistake Number 5

Parents should never compare children. Every child is unique in their own way. 

Ghanaian parents love to do this. See your brother. See your sister, and have a look at yourself. 

Ugly ugly mistake. 

Kills and dampens a person’s spirit and makes life very tough for other children who may want to prove their parents wrong and may go dangerous lengths to get that done. 
May be parents could take a second look at their actions. Having the best interest of your children means doing everything out of love, no selfish gain or personal thoughts. 

After all, we appreciate you so much. 

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