Book Review

Book Title: The President’s Physician 

                    …bumps on a smooth road. 

Author: Dr. Bettina Ama Boohene-Andah

Number of pages: 200 

Number of chapters: 17

Foreword: H.E Olusegun Obasanjo

Publisher: Dr. Bettina A.K. Boohene-Andah

Country: Ghana 
Great! I kick start the month of August with a review on the book The President’s Physician …bumps on a smooth road by Dr. Bettina Ama Boohene-Andah. 

When I first got a hold of this book from a lady in Holy Child School, I could not but quickly want to start flipping through the pages of the book to find out what were the words behind catchy and interesting title(a good start for book success) 

I must say, the choice of the book cover and the words on the front page of the book are directly relational and any reader would love to read the details of what the book has to offer. 

It was a rainy cold dumsor afternoon, of course my phone’s battery power had died and my laptop’s battery followed. I picked the book and started reading it page by page. 

Interestingly, unlike most books where you have to read the first three chapters or more to enjoy, this book gave me more reason to turn the pages and quickly absorb the amazing lessons as the words continued to fill the pages. 

Dr. Bettina Ama Boohene-Andah speaks of a very challenging environment and a determination that set her apart. After displaying a heroic attitude towards her work after the May 9, disaster she had an encounter with the President (J.A. Kuffour) which began the journey to her enviable position. 

She speaks of her most thrilling experiences when she travelled the world over (more like teasing those of us who haven’t been anywhere yet) , meeting people and having to face some daunting challenges that crossed her path. The author focuses on making every reader have a lovely time while reading by employing adjectives and adverbs that make readers love her skillful authorship. 

Book launch 


  • Focuses on achieving your dreams and not bending your principles. She had to defer her course and rewrite her paper in medical school. This made her graduate a year after. 
  • Versatility should be explored. The good doctor was a fashion designer and a radio presenter as well. 
  • Family comes first. Even with a very busy schedule, she made time to speak with her two lovely daughters everyday, when she was away. 
  • Acknowledge people’s efforts on your way to success. Teamwork with her husband made a great impact. Her mother was also a blessing. 
  • When a person should be frank and stern they should. She once got stern and furious to the surprise of the President. 
  • Empowers women to be dedicated and strong. She stresses on the need for women to remain virteous and not sacrifice their virtue for fame or glory. 
  • Do not follow the status quo. She managed to successfully restore to function the clinic at the presidency. A good achievement. 
  • She fought against challenges, and moved on. Prayer became her friend, frequenting prayer meetings. God revealed some good secrets that helped her. 

Dr Bettina’s book comes with a Photo Gallery that give us a feel of her meetings with the world’s most influential people. 

Not so clear thoughts. 

After reading the book, I rather found it strange that she would have financial challenges with furthering her education. The thought being that Dr Bettina had served the President and with a position like that, perception is funding should have come easily. She had to find ways and means of being sponsored by influential men to support her education. 

Women always think they’ve done something wrong. 

She epitomizes one characteristic of women we usually meet. She had a few challenges with some of her colleagues. One time, an official disagreed to let her enter the President’s room claiming the President was asleep. She managed to enter the room after sometime and the man lied. The president was not asleep. 

She thought she had offended this official. But why should it always be so. There are so many reasons a person may show you a wrong attitude. The person could be depressed, worried, disturbed, and troubled. It happens. Probably, it’s a woman thing.


For the girlchild! This book is a brilliant gift for every girlchild in Ghana. It’s got the spice and style for a motivational dream come true spirit. 

For the adult! Gives you a glance of a world most people wonder of. Great book. 

It scores 4.1/5
Get a copy today! 

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