I Watched Your Fight Too! 

The world mourns the death of a great boxer, a legend an inspiration and a mentor. A man of action, activism and an attitude towards winning that makes you want to stand in the boxing ring, and dash out when reality hits you after some few minutes, that, ‘you aren’t a real boxer, it’s just you lost in Muhammed Ali’s inspiration’. 

Well, not each one of us could stand in the boxing ring, or be the one who’ll defeat the other outstanding boxers. We cannot all be the winners of every round and stand the pain of being punched in the chest, in the face, the head while the bell chimes the next round. Ali’s greatness is defined by his consistent and persistent motivation to winning with excellence and leaving no loopholes for doubt that his win was well-deserved and earned. 

Believe, it’s the stamina, that he gained from his first fight, the experience that he attached to what he’d learned, the training that he so committed himself to, the determination, the chants by his friends, family and fans and the optimism he added to every fight that has made him what we celebrate today at age 74. 

On the day of his demise, I tried to read every  article, news item and tributes written in this icon’s name. A writer wrote about Ali’s fighting spirit and strong will to stand tall and firm even in his long term battle with Parkinson’s disease. In the piece, the write-up acknowledged that there was a time, when the great fighter had given-in to the conditions. This was when things actually became exceedingly tough. 

The ability to win, is birthed out of a will to fight. The battles of this world, physical or spiritual have exceptional ways of weighing us down, to make us frustrated and take every little strength from our fragile souls. There are times we feel that there is no strength and we would want to throw in the towel and just lift our hands and say, it’s over! 

Every fighter must learn to do many things and it’s just one I’d like to share with you. The fighter in you, should know he is a winner. Brag to yourself positively about all your great fights you’ve won, tell yourself you aren’t a failure. Are you asking if you’ve won any battles yet? 

Do you remember when you defeated that severe headache? Do you remember how you won that contract? May you’ve forgotten about the girl you really had to date and this guy wouldn’t leave. You remember how you skillfully plotted and won her heart. Again, probably you should reflect on the way you struggled to catch a seat in a bus in the midst of an overcrowded car. Don’t forget how you once told a bully in his face about his useless attitude and threatened him till he had no courage to come close to you. 

These are examples of every single fight you’ve fought. You may not have earned a title belt for it, but, with every fight, you became better, stronger, wiser, older, and gained experience. 

There are times we focus on so many ‘big’ things and want to be overwhelmed by them. Don’t forget to seaech deep in your memories and remember how much of a fighter you are. If you still don’t believe this, remember the fact that you have Life. That’s your certificate of evidence of your exceptional fighting spirit. 

Be strong, remember your every battle and know, that you have everything it takes to win. Never give up. Remind yourself of the great battles you’ve won, like the ant, tell yourself you’ve crossed great rivers and believe in the God-given abilities you have. Never look down on yourself or wait till you have a huge platform. You’ve been a fighter since your birth. 

We thank God for Ali’s life. The lesson’s he taught the world were great. This is mine for you. 

We are all fighters in our own right!!!

Photo credit: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/C_fEIVwjrew/maxresdefault.jpg


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