It’s Your Own Valentine’s Day. 

On Valentine’s Day, it’s amazing the categories of people we have on earth and the various needs they wish they could have sorted out. 

It’s true Valentine’s Day is a day of love.  Ghanaians have had a history of celebrating the day in red. But over the years, the red, the nights out have been replaced with church activities and the buying of Ghanaian Chocolates as a sign of love, and promoting the Ghanaian made goods. 

Thanks to social media, people have been occupied. No longer those nights out and careless sexual encounters. Gone were the days that statistics revealed there was an increase in the buying of condoms to commemorate a day of love such as this. 

Today, Valentine’s has been characterized with the donation of blood with reputable organizations investing in the participation of celebrities and the consistent advertisement to encourage people to join the train and share their lives with others in the name of love. 

But even with all these varied activities, it’s hilarious the hearts that stand to be broken on Valentine’s. There are people who have a perception that it’s someone’s responsibility to make them happy, they wish the special someone would spend the night with them, wrap them in their arms or take them to a dinner and spend so much on them. 

The reality is, those times are really gone. 

Looking unto someone for happiness is a mistake you should never make. For the start, keep in mind that man is man, and anything could happen on any day. They could get stuck at work, caught up in heavy traffic, have a terrible emergency or even have a terrible health condition. 

Prepare something special for yourself. Love isn’t about always receiving or being spoilt. It’s about creating the best atmosphere for yourself to feel so loved you would wish to share with others. 

Interestingly, anyone who sufficiently depends on themselves for such occasions with numerous options enjoy the day and are never disappointed with any happenings. 

Are you still expecting that expensive mobile phone? Or a proposal from that guy you’ve been dating for three years and over? Or you’re waiting for a sexual experience that’ll blow your mind? 

Don’t be depressed after Val’s Day. Remember that love begins from you, after all it’s those who have an overload of love, who’ve experienced the overwhelming effect of it who are capable of sharing it with others. 

Wait, before you throw all your eggs in one basket; order your favorite meal, watch your favorite movie, visit an orphanage, speak with an old woman, sing your favorite song to yourself, and have yourself a mega mega Valentine’s Day before someone else makes you heart broken. 

Chill yourself this Val’s. 

Happy Val’s Day… 


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