Heaven’s Doctors Part 2 

Lucy was mad. Granny called her back in the evening and narrated the event. Granny couldn’t control her tears. They run down her cheek, she blamed herself, she couldn’t just fathom the happening of the day. 

Lucy screamed at her mum over the phone. She cried harder. 

‘Where are you? Where are you?’ Which hospital did you take her?’ Lucy asked her mother impatiently.  

‘Saint Francis Hospital, near the bridge’ Granny told her, she still was in tears. 

Granny saw her granddaughter lay innocently, unconscious on the hospital beds, with tubes fixed to her body. She stood quietly, and cried the more. 

It was seven o’clock when Lucy ran into the hospital building. She was ready to scold her mother, why her mother couldn’t just be attentive. Why her mother couldn’t call her granddaughter’s name. What was she doing? 

Lucy rushed to the children’s ward of the Saint Francis Hospital. The hospital was perfect, grand and had a beautiful view of the city. Lucy was comfortable that her mother had been sane enough to bring her daughter somewhere she could receive the best of care. 

‘Could you check the list for Hilda, recent case, my daughter’. Lucy asked impatiently. 

The attendant had thick make-up on her face, the pores on her face could literally breathe, her eyelashes could paint a wall and her nails were colourful. 

‘Lady, check the list for my daughter’s na…’ Lucy did not finish. 

‘Calm down ma’am, take it easy, I’m still looking through the list’.
The attendant said slowly, she was absolutely irritating considering Lucy’s predicament. She wanted to scold her, seize the list and find the name and the room number herself. 

‘Oh yes’, the attendant continued, ‘she’s in room 491’. 

Lucy left in haste. 

The attendant called her. 

‘Hello, where are you going? You have to tell me your relation with the little girl’. 

Lucy came back and pointed her finger at her. She looked sternly at the attendant, watched her in the face and replied. 

‘I’m her mother’. 

The attendant was scared now. She knew she was dealing with a woman who was furious, disturbed, and angry. 

Lucy got to room 491. She couldn’t control her tears. She cried. Loudly. The pain and anguish gushed out through her eyes. Her world, her angel, everything she had, lay before her eyes, quiet, silent and calm as a piece of stone.

Lucy stared at her daughter from the room window. She felt defeated and was scared of what the doctors would have to say. Lucy’s friend’s and parents had sent in flowers and members of the church had phoned Lucy to pray for her. 

Lucy took a short stroll to see whether she would find her mother. 

She felt a quick urge to pee. 

She walked towards the female guest urinal. Before she opened the door, she saw something that frightened her most.  

Lucy screamed. 

Granny had left before her daughter found her. A poisonous overdose of a drug had taken care aware, she couldn’t forgive herself. She left Lucy to fight her own battles of taking care of Hilda and forgiving her for her perceived irresponsibility. 

Lucy was yet to begin the toughest battle of her life. She knelt beside her mother’s lifeless body. She couldn’t call a doctor. All hope was lost now. 


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