Heaven’s Doctors Part 1 

The journey had been amazing. Christmas came with a cheer that revived Lucy’s busy schedules and she knew she was a great cook. She spent most her time away from work in the kitchen, cooking sumptuous meals for Hilda, her eight year old daughter. 

Hilda was Lucy’s world. After the early death of her husband, Lucy had held on tight to Hilda. He had died of incessant alcohol abuse and had shut his liver completely and couldn’t even concentrate on leaving the earth peacefully. A once devoted and contrite man, after gaining a good job, with a fat salary, decided to waste his life, at the expense of his wife and beautiful daughter. He cared less. 

Grandma Linda, had taken Hilda to practice ahead of the big hockey game on Sunday. Everyone loved Hilda. She was this sweet innocent face child, who would smile all day. Her eyes were perfect and she had thick eyebrows that completed her fairly chocolate colour. 

Already in level four, teachers admired her and most of the young male kids just wanted to be that guy around her. 

Granny read a book and Hilda practiced and gave her all. 

‘Hello, Granny how’s the training?’ Lucy asked her mother. 

‘Its going well, don’t worry much, we’re fine’. Granny said. 

‘I’ll pick you after the cocktail today, that’ll be in about an hour’. Lucy suggested. 

‘Lucy. We are fine. We’ll take cab’. Granny stressed. 

‘Alright, take care then, love you mum’. Lucy ended the call. 

Granny smiled after the call. She remembered the many years of pain she had endured with her daughter. Life had been tough on them, but they had sailed through. Her slightly wrinkled face had been covered by make up and she looked healthy and strong at age sixty six. 

She read her book, and watched Hilda intermittently. The session was over, Hilda visited the locker room and returned, dressed up, in her jeans and blue top. 

‘Thanks Granny for coming with me’ Hilda said. 

Granny smiled and watched her granddaughter. 

If only her father was around, Granny said in her thoughts. 

Grand mother and granddaughter set off. They crossed the street to pick a cab. 

Hilda had forgotten her tablet. She had to return quickly to the locker room to fetch her device before one of the kids took it home. 

Granny stood waiting for Hilda. She still was thinking about how beautiful and overly pleasant her granddaughter was. Their lovely little angel. 

Granny watched Hilda return from the main gate. 

‘Alright, cross the street dear’ Granny called. 

Blue, sleek Toyota. The car pushed the the little girl off the road. Not even the driver or the lady in the co-driver’s seat made the attempt. They sped off.

Hilda lay unconscious. Blood oozed from her face, the impact was heavy, not from the hit, but from the fall on the ground. 

Granny cursed whoever invented tablets and mobile phones. She forgot she used one now. She cried, she was speechless, she went to lift Hilda’s body and a cab came by. 

It was now Lucy’s turn to hear the story. Granny wasn’t picking her calls, thank God! There had been no cameras. What was Lucy going to do after hearing the happenings of the day. She had already vowed she was never going to forgive whoever hurt her baby. She said she would retaliate and punish any guy or lady who made her baby’s life miserable. 

And yet, something more than miserable had happened. 
Photo Credit: http://www.clipartbest.com


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