The Oddest Welcome Finale 

John shivered. 

‘Could we leave tomorrow Hun? I think I would have to see a doctor’. 

John’s acting in high school had given him an advantage now. He shivered, and took the least opportunity to put some drops water on his face when Jenny went out. 

‘But we are to spend two weeks here?’ Jenny asked. 

‘You’ve seen my condition Hun, it’s not getting any better’. John said, raised himself off the bed, slowly. 

‘We could visit a hospital nearby?’ Jenny suggested. 

‘No, let’s just go home okay’, he kept his cool. He didn’t show any sign of being upset. 

‘But John, how could you have a sudden change of mind? What’s the issue? You are not well, that I know, you need care, that I know, but we going back soon isn’t a good choice?’ Jenny complained. She sounded very worried. 

‘Hun, I have a doctor who takes care of me. I want to see him. I’m sure I’m not well’. John replied. 

‘What’s wrong with you?’ Jenny asked. ‘There’s a doctor you’ve been seeing?’ She proved further. 
John had left off his guard. A secret he had been keeping all these years. What did he have to tell her? He had to be smart. 

Gogora and Junior had fought over the pack of diamonds. The diamonds had split and both had sustained various injuries. Gogora’s lips were badly hurt, Junior was weak but they had become two male lions, ready to fight for the female. 

‘I no go make you take am’ Gogora told Junior. 

Junior got furious. He threw himself at Gogora. He fired the last but one shot in the pistol. Junior lay down, lifeless, pathetic. 

Gogora looked at the diamonds. He won the fight. But what was life without his team? Damn, Yoomi and Zed. His partners for all these years. They had been together when they robbed people, had mad fun with the money, went to clubs and made out with countless women. 

Gogora watched the diamonds. He saw how blood had disfigured the room. He moved to corridor and saw Zed’s lifeless body. He fell down, wept bitterly, regretted deeply his action and watched the pistol in his hand. 

Life… He ended it. With the last bullet. 

The man and his lovely wife for the very first time in a long time were yet to have an argument. 

‘John, what are you hiding from me? I would never do that, I swe…’ 

‘Don’t continue the sentence’ John interrupted. 

‘Explain these messages’ John rushed to pick Jenny’s phone. 

‘Explain this to me, please do’ John, for the very first time sounded angry. He did not understand what was going on. 

‘John, really?’ She knew what John was referring to. Jenny laughed mocking John. 

‘But that’s no one, just a friend’ She said. John wasn’t convinced. 

‘Can I have your phone?’ John asked. He had trusted his wife, been the best of a husband to her. 

Jenny offered the phone. John called the number. 

‘John, that’s not fair? You don’t do that’ Jenny rushed to pick her phone from John’s hand. 

John resisted. 

‘Hello sugar pie’, the voice at the receiving end replied. 

John had heard this voice. He could bet his last coin he knew this voice. Who could this be? 

The voice hung up when he realized it wasn’t Jenny on the line. John picked his phone and dialed the number. 

Doctor Jones… 

‘Jenny? What? How? Why?’ John seemed confused. Very confused now. 

‘Jenny tell me. What the’, he paused. Is going on?’ John’s anger scared Jenny. He held her by the arm, squeezed the secret out of her’. 

‘John stop it, there’s nothing I’m hiding, please stop it’ Jenny shed tears. The anger in John’s voice scared her. 

‘Tell me, just tell me’ John said. 

‘Ive been good to you. Everything to you. We loved, shared and everything?’ John continued. 

‘John, I’m sorry’ Jenny said. 

‘Sorry for what? Tell me, tell me’ John shouted. His anger was different. 

‘I’ve been dating Doctor Jones. I know him from school. He’s been telling you lies about your health, he wanted us to elope, go somewhere far away from my impotent husband to make babies and love and live together’. Jenny said, crying. 

‘He promised me a better life if I was able to bring the diamonds along. He said the only way was to get you to believe you were sick and you would do anything for me and your health’. 

John grew furious. He put his head down and would not watch Jenny’s face. 

‘John I’m sorry’ Jenny pleaded. ‘He convinced me, he told me things’. 

It was almost three thirty in the morning. John said not a word. He picked his car key, wrote a note on the bed, added some money and drove back to the city. 

He came back to meet an open house, six lifeless people and his box of diamonds. He wept bitterly. It was a feeling of shock and pain. He felt no guilt

Jenny called Doctor Jones. She cursed him. She recounted how many times he had made her abort John’s babies and hers. How he slept with her on several occasions and made her his own. She just couldn’t resist it. 

Jenny could not stand the public humiliation. She devised a plan to join Junior, Jaro, Jem, Gogora, Yoomi and Zed in their ‘rests’. 

John had gone just to meet the oddest welcome. 


3 thoughts on “The Oddest Welcome Finale 

  1. a splendid story Robert , keep it up n I pray for more grace and strength from the Lord to continue this good work He has started In you. Stay bless, shalom!!!

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