The Oddest Welcome 4

It was almost 1:45am when the two, Gogora and Yoomi, still adamant. They kept thinking about what they stood to lose from their operation and agreement with the one who contacted them for their services. 

That night, John watched his with much care. She realised he acted differently, and Jenny had never see him in such a mood. 

She moved towards him on the bed, and pushed her skin against his. John wasn’t present. Initially he would have rushed to respond, but today he wasn’t there, at all. 

She tried even harder, she placed her head on his chest, and John lay stiff, trying to avoid her. 

‘Hun, I have a bad headache’, he told her. 

‘You should’ve told me’ Jenny said. 

She moved to his side of the bed to get him an aspirin. She saw her phone near his pillow. Jenny panicked. 

She gently picked it up and went out to fetch John a glass of water. 

‘My phone, I was looking for you’. Jenny said, trying to take his mind off whatever results the phone had given to John’s mind. 

‘I just checked the time’. John said, still faking his headache. 

‘Here, take one’. Jenny offered. 

‘Thanks a lot hun, you’re the most beautiful thing that’s ever happened to me’ 

John said. 

Junior, with the assistance of Jaro had been able to open the suitcase he found. Jem was seriously trying to get the flat screen off the wall, when he suddenly heard the door slide from the corridor. 

Jem rushed to see who was there. Before he took the next step, Gogora had already pointed his knife at him. Gogora stabbed him from the back, making him lose consciousness. 

Yoomi watched his partner, Zed’s lifeless body on the ground. His anger made him seize the knife. He furiously and vigorously stabbed Jem in his stomach till he felt his partner’s death was fully avenged. 

‘Damn you’, he said without shouting. There was something better. He wanted Junior to pay for what he did. 

Junior and Jaro had opened the suitcase. Heaven! Precious diamonds! 

John had kept them at home for a reason. He had stole them from the company, and did not want people to trace him. His worsening condition of a disease he had, not yet fully diagnosed, scared him. 

A doctor friend, after narrating the symptoms to him, told John he may have to pay so much for the treatment, that was, if it were what they expected. And it would include a kidney transplant, the doctor told him. 

John had kept the diamonds to secure his health. The bank was a bad place. The home was the best. He could hide it from his wife and tell her later. She had asked him for a large sum of money the year before, but John refused. He told her she still hadn’t given him a good reason why after earning a good salary, she still needed such a huge amount. 

Junior and Jaro’s eyes grew wild. They gave themselves a high-five and were ready to bag. 

Gogora pushed the bedroom door open. Yoomi followed. Droplets of blood were in the shirt he wore. 

‘Jesus’, Jaro shouted. 

‘What all you dey search for here? What? Tell me?’ Junior asked, you could sound the scare in his voice. Gogora’s was furious and his next move could be really detrimental. 

The case of diamonds were open on the bed.

‘Bosses, relax, make we talk’. Junior suggested. 

‘You fool erh?’ Yoomi asked. 

‘Naah, it’s not needed say we have to fight, make we do am professionally, we go fit divide the diamond, we all go get our share’. Junior suggested, he was visibly shaking now, but slightly composed. 

‘Haha, see am’. Gogora mocked. 

‘But where Jem dey?’ Jaro said. 

‘We can’t be three against two’. Yoomi said. 

‘Damn’!!!! Jaro shouted. 

‘You kill am?’ Jaro asked. 

‘Ah, you want him alive?’ Yoomi teased, ‘it’s a fair game’. 

Jaro almost screamed, he picked the gun from his pocket and fired at Gogora. Gogora swiftly dodged the bullet, threw himself on the king size bed and held the diamonds. 

Yoomi had sustained the wound. It had him in the chest. 

‘Shit, what you do?’ Junior asked.

Gogora punched Jaro in the face. They exchanged blows, and fought. Gogora saw his strength was an advantage. He kicked Jaro the leg and just when tried to fire at him, he swiftly took his knife and stabbed him. 

Junior stood motionless. He was scared the neighbours would hear them by now. He hadn’t seen anything like this before. 

Jaro was weak, his blood oozed from his chest and he saw his life leaving him. 

‘Please, easy, easy okay, bro, relax, it’s okay’. Junior pleaded as Gogora looked in his direction. Junior was shaking now. 

Gogora’s heart raced. He was mad he had lost his two friends in a space of two hours. Thanks to these intruders. 

‘See what you do’ Gogora was pissed. He seemed to regret what he’d done. He never thought of this happening. He having to kill someone. 

Junior also wept now. He was visibly terrified. Gogora was shaken by the experience. The two thick bodied, grown men hugged tightly and wept over their quick losses. 

After a brief moment of mourning, they came to their senses. 

‘The diamonds’ they both said. 

The suitcase lay on the bed. Who got it first? What happened next? 
Jenny lay by John’s side confused. Had he found out? 


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