The Oddest Welcome 3

The two groups of robbers stood aghast at each other. 

Yoomi, Zed and Gogora stood and watched Jaro, Junior and Jem steadily. The scene was characterized by tension, confusion and a slight twist of humor. 

As it stood now, Junior was the only one who had had the chance to explore the room and knew there was a high chance of getting damn rich after this escapade. 

Jaro turned to Junior and asked, 

‘What them dey do for here?’ 

Junior watched Jaro, he looked skeptical. 

‘How a go know? Ask them?’ Junior replied. 

By this time Jem was still eating his chocolate biscuits and was having a time of his life while his back lean against the corridor wall. 

Gogora laughed. 

‘You too be robbers?’ He asked all three. 

There was dead silence. 

Gogora continued, ‘You know say we come here leff you?’ 

Junior looked at him in disbelief. 

‘You make serious? You come, you no enter, wey we enter leff you’. Junior argued. 

‘How? That ain’t fair’ Zed answered angrily. His hair curled and he had a strong physique, the others weren’t so different.  

He continued, 

‘You know say we come, we open the doors, wey you enter leff we’. You could feel his anger from a distance. 

‘Why is he angry, see this guy oh, Hahaha’ Jaro teased. 

Jaro suggested, ‘If you came for what we also came for, then make we strike a good deal then leave’. 

Zed had a bad temper, he felt like grabbing Junior, Jaro and Jem and squeezing them till they were dead. 

In the Volta, Jenny had gone to the washroom. She had eaten a plate of stuffed turkey with vegetables and wine. Her stomach wasn’t so hospitable to the meal. She looked at him and smiled. 

John arose and wanted to watch his time. His phone was off, he realized Jenny was out of bed. He picked her phone and watched the time. It was just some minutes past one in the morning. 

‘I hope she’s not communicating with anyone from work?’ John thought.

He went to her inbox and found a conversation that got him wondering. 

The texts read… 

Jenny; ‘I need your help’. 

Number; ‘Anything for you, name it’

Jenny; ‘He’s got some stuff inside, I have to get for both of us’. 

Number; ‘What? Tell me’. 

Jenny; ‘I’ll call you’. 

John had the scare of his life. After these years together. What strange thing was this? He began to think. Was she really in love with him? Was she a scam? Who the hmm was this? There were thousands of unanswered questions flowing through his mind. He was confused, at one, he never thought he could be normal. 
The guys had gotten angry at each other.

Zed had taken offense at Jaro and time was not on their side. Zed asked that the three leave so they could do what they came to do. 

Junior wasn’t willing. 

‘You are crazy, who should leave, you rather should, we come here before you’. Junior said. 

Zed punched Junior in the face. Junior got angry and pulled the pistol from his back and shot him dead. It was quick and silent. They didn’t know how that happened. 

‘Man, what’s wrong with you? Are you crazy? Fool’ Gogora cursed him. 

Zed lay lifeless. His blood drained from his chest and Yoomi held him, effortlessly trying to help him. 

Gogora cursed the three, and asked that they leave. 

He held Yoomi who was both angry and sad about everything and asked that they just get out. 

Jaro was visibly scared, and Jem was indifferent. Junior was high to regret his act. 

Yoomi got up. He cursed them and raised insults at them. 

Gogora joined him, they were ready to leave. 

Junior went to the room to continue the operation, Jaro went to the fridge for some wine and Jem tried to explore the other parts of the house. 

Gogora was as pissed as Yoomi was. 

‘We no go fit leff, we for show these fools’. Gogora suggested. 

Yoomi agreed. 

They picked up their knife and went back. 

They were not accepting defeat. 

Jenny was done and she was happy to see John up. She panicked when she saw her phone close to John’s bedside. 

She looked into his eyes and asked him, 

‘Could I have my phone please?’

John smiled mischievously and stretched his hands. 

For Junior who’s nose bled from the blow, for Jaro who was drunk on wine and for Jem, those two losers had left. 

For John, Jenny was a mysterious thing to him and if it were true… 

Photo Credit; KP Photography 


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