The Oddest Welcome 2

After their failed attempt, the next day was very successful. The locks had been broken and the robbers celebrated their entry. 

They knew John and Jenny weren’t around. Who robs people these days without the introduction, literature review, methodology and findings? Their references were solid, and they were in to make good progress. 

Zed expressed how he envied Jenny all his life. He was in the same primary school with her till class three when he dropped out. His dark face and uneven muscles proved that he had been through serious troubles in life. He loved to smoke, a daily ritual he did not miss. 

The three deviants opened the first door of the room. 

‘Shit’ Gogora shouted! 

‘Whossop’ Zed replied 

‘Another lock, man’ Gogora felt defeated. He went back and the three of them struggled to continue their operation. 

After thirty minutes of struggle with the metal lock, almost after their seemingly unending entrance to the home, Gogora managed to open the door, someway somehow. 

‘How you do it?’ Zed asked, surprised. 

‘When you have a dream, you don’t joke with your vision’ Gogora replied. 
Zed could swear he did not understand Gogora. Dream, vision… He had to celebrate his mate. 

Just before the three opened the door to enter, they heard the sound of a car’s engine approach the drive way to the house. 

Gogora was frightened. Ah, what were they going to do? Now they knew someone was coming to the house. 

Gogora jumped into a box below the stairs, Zed covered himself with a large old rag he found and Yoomi hid behind the box Gogora lay in. 

Meanwhile, John and Jenny sat under the cool live band at the hotel. John fed Jenny grapes and looked into her eyes telling her all the sweet things she could hear. The previous night had been almost divine. Their favourite music played and they never left their side. With no noise from neighbours and phones, John would repeat the rounds of passion over and over till they both were exhausted. He did not expect this night to be different either. 

‘John, I still have this feeling that something may be going very wrong somewhere’. 

John immediately cast the devil out of her mind. He knew it was the work of their enemies. 

‘Don’t speak, shhhh’. He pulled over to kiss her forehead. He didn’t want his princess to be worried over anything. After all they had more days, and the two days had been perfect. He wanted to give her the best. The pregnancy test kits should give the correct results. They couldn’t go without a third person. 

John sang Jenny a song. The hoarseness of his voice made her forget of her feeling. She smiled and watched him curl his lips to the lyrics of the song. She loved him. And his charm always worked for her. 

As the three hid in their respective hideouts, they heard some three people laugh hard, not so loud… 

‘Charley, the couple no lock the door’ Jaro said. 

‘Are you sure we’ll get something from these two? A free entry site, ah, let’s go back’. Jem said. 

Jaro looked amazed. It seemed someone had been there before them. They had a mystery to solve. 

Junior looked at his two counterparts. ‘Free entry, more vim’. He took a bold step and went to the other door his predecessors had spent years opening. 

‘This one too them open oh. This couple mess up’ Junior giggled. 

‘Boys, we go fit make mistake. I dey think say e be trap’. Jaro said cautiously. He moved closer to the top door, where Junior stood. 

Jem stood below, looked up and run up the stairs. He opened the door and it instantly opened on both sides. 

Yoomi, Gogora and Zed burnt with anger. They were confused too. What was happening, who were these, what did they want? 

Jem, Jaro and Junior entered the home. They realised the beautifully decorated hall. These people were healthy. The furniture was exquisite and expensive. Jem opened the fridge. 

He went back as though he had been electrocuted. 

‘Sha sha sha’… Biscuits, wine, sweets, nuggets… Name them. 

It was only half past twelve. They had more time to operate. 

Jem called Jaro. He froze. Junior was in the master bedroom by then. He saw a MacBook, a wardrobe that teased him and a case which got him curious.

Just when he was about to flip the case open, he heard conversations in the hallway. The voices were undertone but chirpy. 

Junior went to the hallway. He met three strangers. Aliens? Damn, they flopped their move. What did they want? Confusion seized his facial organs. His team could not make any deductions yet. 

By this time John and Jenny were sweetly and soundly asleep in their beds with the cloth as their only covering. It had been an hour and a half and they hadn’t even had enough. They both slept but with a high possibility of waking up within the night to work harder. They had their mission but in their home, the drama was yet to unfold… 
Photo Credit: KP Photography 


7 thoughts on “The Oddest Welcome 2

  1. The pidgin parts forced a smile on my face, n Bob e suspense…..looove it. I cant believe I jux felt enlightened by burglars

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