The Oddest Welcome. Part 1 

The family had travelled. John and Jenny had built a beautiful family. John had a job with Diamond Jewels and Jenny was a Professor at the High-Grade University. 

Their salaries were fat. After six years of marriage, a child of their own had always seemed distant. Despite the great sex they both had, bonded by their passionate love and care for themselves, they still failed. 

Church donations were their thing. Staunch Catholics, they were the first to buy the auctioned water, not less than five thousand Cedis every year. And the rumours spilled… The old ladies said they were into serious black magic. They said Jenny had sacrificed her womb for their wealth. They forgot about the man. Sad to say. 

The sweet couple decided to take an early Christmas vacation in the Volta so they could be home in time for Christmas. The lights at the church on Christmas Eve were beautiful, they could not afford to miss that. 

At the Volta, when they get to the hotel, they’ll forget about work, worries and wearables. John planned to hold Jenny in his arms all day and carefully treat his queen to the essence of love, hold her, cherish her and keep himself deeply buried in her. He was not taking any chances. They had to come back with a good report. Their Priest had advised them to try harder, and John had bought some books to help them. Jenny had followed Akumaa on twitter. She took some tips from her occasionally. 

Their journey was planned and they set off two weeks before Christmas. John locked the doors and informed his two neighbours. They had not been good ones. They envied them. The first neighbour took serious offence at the couple for not inviting them to their party. Jenny explained it was just a small family gathering. 

The second neighbour got angry because John had stopped bringing him hampers on Christmas. He had recovered from severe back pain he had for seven years, and he still wanted more from John. Well, he never gave John and Jenny a dime. The caretaker once asked Jenny to give him some money for transport since his master had travelled.  Jenny inquired how much he needed. 

‘Anything you could give madam’. He said . 

Jenny gave him two Cedis and he dissed her the whole day (in his mind of course.) When his master came, he used crayons of black and red to paint Jenny’s reputation on his master’s drawing board. He won. 

The couple left early in the morning. The area was serene and their home was a rather large one compared to the other houses. It was a four bedroom house with beautiful flowers, lots of them. The interior was stunning and the fridge was always stocked. A child’s dream home; chocolate, cookies, cereals, protein and lots of good stuff. 

Two days into their stay, Jenny told John she had a feeling something just not right. John wouldn’t let her. He pushed his lips tightly towards hers and refused her from uttering any words. To him, nothing should ruin the moment. 

‘Its all under control’ he told her. 

Back home, while the couple enjoyed their company, there was a confirmation of Jenny’s fears. That night, three young men raided their home. It was their chance to fetch all they needed. Pros… No noise, just pure silence and magical theft. The entrance was well secured. 

‘Damn, we have to restra’ Yoomi said. 

‘Guys, it’s getting late, another day, tomorrow, we go in’, Zed said. 

It appeared tough today but they were very assured of being able to enter the next day… 

While John and Jenny slept, they were in for the biggest surprise of their lives when they returned. 

Part 2 …

Photo Credit : KP Photography. 


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