KP Photography; Passion? 

Passion… It’s almost cliche now. On every social media platform, on every music and talent audition, during every youth entrepreneurial competition. You hear someone say, this or that thing is my passion. 

Well… Passion isn’t about saying it, it’s about doing it. It’s about moving towards your goal by doing things that sustain your interest. If writing is your passion, reading about favourite authors, who they are, their net income, their friends, visiting great local authors and reading a wide variety of books are all geared towards making you an exceptional writer. 

KP Photography’s passion is absolutely admired. This young photographer embarked on a trip to Nzulezu to grant her fans and friends the chance to see beautiful photos of this amazing site. 


Canoe ride   


‘Melcome’ goes international 

Homes on water  

School time    

She said… Could you imagine this is their main source of water? 

Kafui’s passion again... ‘I held my camera in my right hand and the canoein my other hand. And while the canoe moved I took this shot’  



Children are beautiful 


Hood life on waters 


Beautiful Nzulezu




Canoe ride …Ready??? 

Women in transport   
Stick to your passion, it’ll take you places


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