Cerlaum’s Lenses; Where I’m I Going? 

For those who have been on a flight, to an area or region they knew nothing about, these beautiful pictures from Cerlaum would bring you memories that would literally raise in you a feeling you dared to have again. 

Imagine being granted a scholarship and you had to go to a new university in a foreign land to study. Imagine you had to alone, at a tender age, travel to another part of the city to make ends meet and start a life, minus the aid of parents and family. 

Maybe these experiences have never been yours, but here’s a witch reminder; 

Each day, we embark on a journey to a foreign land; life. We may not know how our day would go, we may even think we know, but remember when those unprecedented and unexpected moments hit you so hard, the hundreds of people you meet in a day, and the tonnes of thoughts that cross your mind’

Life is a journey, man remains the sojourners, and for where we are going, heaven surely knows. 

So the next time you face life, and stare at the morning sun, or look at the night’s stars, remember you have just one choice, beat your chest and say, 

‘I am going to have a smooth ride, I may not know where I go, but within my heart, I feel a positive direction, I’ve communicated with my Father’. 

Enjoy these as you be the best you could every be… 

Who will I meet today? 

 Where do I go? 

It’s a journey and you’ll get there! 


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