Children; Cerlaum’s Lenses. 

Consider the following scenarios: 

1. A two year old boy had his fingers and hands severely burnt by his caretaker, the end result, a baby’s future almost destroyed in the word of a disability he didn’t deserve. 

2. A mother plucked the eyes of her own son out of the sockets, rendering this boy blind. His crime, he had watched too much television. I want to sing, I want to have a future. These were the words of this young one and this boy, without aid, would have a shattered and bitter future. 

3. Another child, apparently losses his mother’s coins of 40pesewas and comes home with the news of the loss of the coins. His mother takes his hands and puts them in fire, in her attempt to teach him a lesson. ‘Dont be a thief’. 

4. Another mother, not all sound up there, kills hers two daughters and they have since been buried. Sad. 

5. A child with cancer, instead of receiving care from the doctor’s or medical professional, is taken to a prayer camp and is now battling from the effect of the parents’ action. Her condition is worsening each day now. 

These stories seem far fetched? No. 

The Ghanaian media reported these stories and the parties involved seemed to try to explain the reasons behind their actions. 

Through the lenses of Cerlaum, a photographer friend, I share with you his passion for children and bringing smiles to their every moment, tough, hard, easy or regular. 



What are you saying?   
Future leaders indeed! 

I solve problems! #Thoughts

Proud to be free! 

Photo Credits: Cerlaum Photography. 


4 thoughts on “Children; Cerlaum’s Lenses. 

  1. The cruel and barbaric acts of human is just unfathomable at times. Nothing can ever justify inflicting unwarranted and inhumane pain on these little ones.
    God would surely judge these evil doers.

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