#ColourSomeOne – Get On Your Knees.

Admit it, we all go through tough times, we owed someone at a point in time, we went through a terrible disease, we faced one of the dangerous oppositions in our workplaces, our homes and even in school. 

Thanks be to God, we got out of these problems, and guess what, our hearts were grateful, our minds were free, and we could get up and move on. 

But let’s face this very truth. Some folks are in serious trouble. Not once a month, not half a year but in their entire life. From the doctors diagnoses that shattered their bones, changed their world and made them fear. Their fear came through, their hopes and dreams appear almost a fallacy. 

Others owe huge debts, managers of a well known financial institution or a company are now into hiding or have taken refuge in other countries because they owe or have misappropriated funds or been taken advantage of. 

Some women have entered into very abusive relationships that is killing their souls and ripping them apart. Other men have been joined together in holy matrimony with women who have become witches, scratching their hearts with acts of disrespect, insult and open and shameless promiscuity and nagging. 

There are friends of ours who today have fallen in very bad company, smokers, lustful acts, intense womanising and ‘sakawa’, what we know as duping. 

But distance, fear and our scarce resources prevent us from helping them. We really love these people, we cherish them but we just don’t know how to colour them, how to bring out that shine in them. 

There’s a solution we could employ. It depends on our dedication, commitment and humility. In this day, though it seems tough, it’s the best we could do for people we couldn’t do much for. You name such people, put them before God, name their problems and cry to God on their behalf. 

And when you have done this, God seeing how unselfish you’ve become, how loving you’ve been to care about a stranger or friend without seeking your own good, He, in His mercy begins to shower His goodness on such frail people, strengthens them and they become those wonderful people they ought to be. 

It works, let’s try it! Pray someone out of their problem, get on your knees and tell God you want to see them better. Angels would race on their behalf and get their needs met! 

#ColourSomeOne Today… Pray for them. 


2 thoughts on “#ColourSomeOne – Get On Your Knees.

  1. I totally loved it. I’ve been inspired to COLOUR SOMEONE’S WORLD. thanks for reminding your readers to get on their knees and pray someone out of their problems.

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