#ColourSomeone – Oh Yes, Say It! 

After so many days, months and even years of lengthy night calls, night visits, daily tours to holiday sites and numerous sweet conversations, it’s just unfathomable to think through the fact that so many men are actually scared to pop the question to the ladies they know they love. 

Roland had dated Courtney for three years now. They had abstained from sex, something most of their friends did not believe but had been the best of friends since they met in the second year of their university life. 

After completing school, they both had the opportunity to work at the Freedom Port as facilitators at the Port. In a very beautiful place, meeting people was something that happened on a daily basis. The guys needed favours, the businessmen wanted to spread you, as a way to get you to speak to the bosses.

Roland still would go to work with Courtney, have lunch together and go back home with her. On the weekend, they would spend time watching movies, Roland forgot that much of the time, he was half naked when Courtney came around. He felt so free with her. 

Deep within Roland, he understood the friendship was becoming what he had not dreamed of. He embraced the current standing, took it in prayer and the response was good. Courtney had thought about it, but she could not come to terms Roland would even try to harvest such a thought, and she would not have hesitated to spend her life with him by the way. They had good families, they loved themselves and life was beautiful for them. 

Roland couldn’t hide it anymore, he waited for the right time. Then he thought of money, the cost of a ring, the wedding, and everything. He was scared. 

It was on the 15th of March, 2015 when she broke the news. Terry had proposed. She gave him the signs. She told him she was in love, and Roland still wanted the right time to say it. She did not wait for Roland to give his opinion, she loved Terry, and in three months of talking, conversations and knowing Terry, they saw a future. 

She showed Roland a picture of the proposal, simple, short and smart. Terry had wore his tie, suit and trousers. He told her of his scarce resources, but promised her of his love for her and even assured her he would get her a more beautiful and expensive ring. 

Courtney packed her stuff, she left for Terry’s home after three weeks and she was determined to stay with him. Roland, though hurting within hated himself deeply, and watched Courtney jealously and Terry with disdain. He was better looking than Terry, that got him angry the more. 

After Courtney had left, that very night, the paramedics reported of a suicide attempt. Roland had tried, he was lucky, his neighbour had intervened. 

What are you waiting for? 

Ask her, if he’s taking too long, ask him. Get the answer, the beauty of proposing isn’t in the positiveness of the response but getting the facts right to enable the parties involved move forward, act maturely and make the life changing decision of staying together. 

Colour Her with the beauty of that day. Colour Her with hope of a beautiful future, a divine bond and don’t wait for a Roland scenario to happen to you. 



12 thoughts on “#ColourSomeone – Oh Yes, Say It! 

  1. I have been a ‘Roland ‘ before. But I found a ‘Courtney’ and decided to be a ‘Terry ‘ . 🙂
    I have learnt my lessons.

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