#ColourSomeone – The Pastor’s Crayons. 

Each day, every moment, each hour, even now, I am certain one Pastor has received a revelation to build a church in the vicinity where he lives or leave the church where he serves as an associate Pastor or assistant minister to build his own church and have members. 

The growing rate of churches for worship and praise of God, though a very good sign, has provided us with a cause for worry. Good because, the church, which plays a pivotal role in the spiritual development and moral wellness of a nation provides members with words of encouragement, motivation and a sense of fellowship, all these being some of the good colours we talk about. 

On the other hand, it gives us a cause to worry, which shouldn’t even be so. In the genuineness of most people trying to seek God, know Him better, develop an intimate relationship with His unfailing love, some pastors have managed to adopt and accept the flock, deceiving, exploiting and manipulating them. 

In recent times, headlines concerning some ‘men of God’ have not been so appealing. We see pastors stealing from people, some having multiple affairs with others’ wives, some trying to twist and turn the word of God in directions that would protect their reputation and keep them from being thought of as flawed. 

Innocent, desperate victims are being tossed to and fro. Like a ship sailing, some church members have entered into a covenant with some churches and have since regretted. Imagine a pastor claiming to have to sleep with women before he prays for them. Imagine another one asking members to eat grass like animals, imagine another one washing his congregations’ head and body with detergent as a sign of their sins being forgiven. 

What if Pastors would really be Pastors like some wonderful true men of God have already done in the past years. Being a part of their church turns your life around. From motivational and practical messages to the daily assistance of members in every aspect they could help, we see a visible change in people’s spiritual growth where they are transformed to live in love, service and optimism in every situation. 

Pastors, Priests, Ministers, Evangelists have their crayons in their hands. They could decide to mess up the congregation by psyching their minds to an extent they are brain washed with theories of life that do not correspond with the precious word of God or they could dedicate the crayons in God’s hands who would grant them the evidence of true fruit bearing in their members. 

Do you know any Pastor who has Coloured your life in your quest to find God? Let’s honour them today! You could write their names in the comments below.

If you know someone in a church which has the potential to ruin their life, pull them back to the right direction by prayer and advice. 



8 thoughts on “#ColourSomeone – The Pastor’s Crayons. 

  1. A wonderful write up.
    Pastor Joseph Osei Poku of Holy Spirit Church, Aboabo Akorem -Kumasi has really coloured me through his admonishment. I pray that God will grant him bountiful wisdom and understanding so he continues to touch the lives of people

  2. God bless Rev Edwin Paddy Acquah of kingdom harvesters ministries for his words of encouragement.. this is my favourite ” Don’t Rush It. Great Things Take Time. Human pregnancy takes 9 months. Jesus’ preparation for ministry took 30 years. Willingly Pace Yourself On The Journey To Prosperity. Your present joy depends on it. Hurrying Is The Seed For Regret. Study Well The Present Moment…It Took You A Lifetime To Get Here.

    “He that hasteth to be rich hath an evil eye, and considereth not that poverty shall come upon him,” (Proverbs 28:22).”

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