World Mental Health Day – #ColourSomeone

With their very own eyes, they watched their classmate lose his mind. He became aggressive and overly political. He would wear a suit and tie to a regular session and begin to instruct everyone including the tutor. 

He would stand in front of the class and profess his love for a particular maiden in the class and curse who ever cursed that bond that existed between them. He would speak of strange things, abstract, far fetched and while seeing him sent chills to some bodies others cared less and worse of all others took time off their busy schedules to tease him and laugh at him. 

But for those who had the chills, their freezing point would only increase to an extent but they couldn’t do anything to help him. They would ask him to calm down and some would go on their knees to pray for him. They were students brought to study not solve issues of this nature. They wished they could help but their aid was limited. They eventually rang his parents and they went to seek professional aid as well as spiritual aid for him. 

For those who cared less, they watched him detoriate. Each day, before their very own eyes, their brother, their friend lost his mind and sense of life. It did not scare them, they were there to learn. They may have raised it in their conversations with others but simply wouldn’t be affected at all. After all, he wasn’t their relative. Not even their neighbour, just a classmate. ‘Stop talking about him, he’s not correct’. 

Then those who teased him, mocked him and laughed at him. They became demons that tormented his clouded mind. Anytime he got up to speak, these people held mirrors and images of him that drew clowns before his very own eyes. They became his vampires, showing their bloodthirsty teeth for his downfall. In their ignorance, they missed the mark. They forgot the difference between a comedy show and an issue deserving attention and concern. 

Days passed, Weeks and Months. He returned energetic, sane and sound.  He had become more handsome and even dressed more majestically. His friends had changed and he had become focused. Now a sweet boy, the transformation was super and he was able to identify those who treated him as a brother, friend and neighbour and salutes them every time he met them. 

This is a true story. But the question I ask is, he was perfect, even before he came. What went wrong? 

Stress levels, people ignoring others, making them feel inferior, unnecessary teasing and bullying, use of drugs, parental issues and even the loss of a loved one could trigger such reactions. We never know about them, we have to find ways to make these people’s lives better. 

Mental Health Matters, and today on a day like this, it’s our part to play, to restore health to the hearts that are confused, minds that are disturbed and we could save ourselves the embarrassment of witnessing what we could have prevented. 




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