#ColourSomeOne The Teacher’s Colour.

Teaching in this part of my world has gradually generated a description that has ultimately created a space that makes it very difficult to affect student’s lives in a manner that transforms their personality, their thoughts and even the way they handle life’s issues.

We treasure those teachers who made that mark in our lives. Their presence in class creates that environment that enables students to feel at ease, voice their opinions, convey their glitches and come out with the most innovative and creative ideas ever.

Other teachers create the scare we dare not face. These teachers enter the class with a fear-provoking expression, may for a time present themselves in a very good mood and other times are the coldest people ever. They get about two contributions after their lessons and the rather timorous and reserved students never dare to answer any question. We leave their classes very unfulfilled and unhappy.

In a year, a group of students had the opportunity to be lectured by a lecturer on Entrepreneurship. After some days of the lecturer’s interaction with the students, most of them had already developed major plans for their businesses. The lecturer had begun creating empires from the students’ thoughts and had introduced new activities such as giving marks for students who dressed appropriately to class, bearing in mind the influence on the business market. He provided his students with practical examples and stories of people who had made it and could immediately direct the sail of a lecture into a motivational class. Students were motivated beyond the ordinary to do more in that short time.

The lecturer had to leave for another one to take over eventually. The students could feel an emptiness and a void that could not be filled. They missed their former lecturer and could not understand why their new lecturer could not fill that gap. This new lecturer was rigid, barely innovative and dull. This tells a story.

After teaching for some time, I was promoted to teach the sixth grade from the third grade to handle the class for a year. The students were beautiful people. But there was a bad perception about the class. The sixth grade (C) class had a record of being the least intelligent among the three sixth grade classes. After spending some time with the students, I took the opportunity to inspire these young minds daily, to speak to them each day about core values such as love, respect and unity. Just as it’s ordinary to have varied students in a class, it’s very difficult to see one teacher touch the lives of all the students in the class. Although some are intentionally incorrigible, a majority of the impact is felt in most of them.

When I was done with the class for the year, it was amazing how many children’s parents had appreciated my efforts and made me proud by sending me gifts of all kinds.

Teachers have many colours they could paint their children with. These colours may not collectively work on every student since there are some students who would need the bright colours to be motivated to step up to traits such as confidence, boldness and being responsible. Others may also need to be taught the hard way, with some shading, to eschew laziness, teasing their pals, bullying and telling lies.

Some teachers inspire students to be smart in their appearance, others support students with their own resources, others give life changing experiences by being the perfect role models to their students. 

A teacher has a painting job to complete on every student. Students are presented to a teacher to be refined, transformed and brightened. This job would mean a positive change in the student’s life.

Are you a teacher too? Have you done the #ColourSomeone magic yet?

It’s not too late… #ColourSomeone


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