Colour Me, Colour Someone Today. 

If you ever used crayons or color pencils in your primary school days, I’m certain the tale of adding some beauty to the ‘caricatures’ some of us drew while we tried to balance our creativity with those who already had the heavenly endowment of the drawer’s talent using colours made much of a difference. 

The dull, and most bad drawings came to life with a little shading, toning and colouring. We remember there were times the choice of colours would mean a long decision, asking parents for opinions, friends for suggestions, just to make a remarkable impact. 

Oh! And those life-saving moments when the teacher would raise your product Infront of the class and give you the much awaited compliment… This is some good work huh, learn from him’  and our swollen headedness would not permit our gentle minds to rest, we would just wish that everyone did commend us for a good work done, and yes, most people did, and for those who wouldn’t, we cared less, none actually; jealous, envious freaks.

Then we see the same about the great artists we have seen in our world. Artists whose works stood for concepts and ideas that were virtually inexplicable in words but could be communicated impeccably to everyone’s understanding using painting as a medium. 

These artists add colour and twist and turn majestically the elements and techniques of shades and tones to achieve the intended effects. Although colour may be used in almost every artwork, some artists may use one colour, others may combine many colours, but the underlying basis remains, 

The originality and true beauty should be brought forth. 

There are millions of people on this earth, with different ideologies and theories who go through their own forms of mental agonies and trouble. They are outwardly happy but inwardly dying, rotting and yearning for some love, for someone to make a difference in their lives. Some live under the disguise of joy, hope to be better but actually are living in pain, debt and severe discomfort. Some live under abuse, have diseases, trying to fight them everyday, with medication, prayer and what ever thing they seem appropriate. 

It’s rather unfortunate we are able to assist people to an extent. We are sometimes scared and afraid of the critics, those who would be affected by our attachment with those in whose lives we would want to make a difference.

Join this cause, #ColourMe #ColourSomeone as we learn to make a difference in people’s lives. 

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