It’s a Big Deal! 

Who wants to be a Judge? I don’t think this question had ever been asked in our career days at school. People had usually shared their desire of being lawyers, either to defend the defenseless, or make their case, or to fulfill a desire known best to their conscience. 

But I think being a judge was something so sacred huh. We didn’t even mention it often. It was no time for child’s play when Judges were mentioned. Come on, even Solomon’s story gives us the scare that shakes us in our bones. How two women came to him, seeking justice for a dead baby and an alive one. Who, I mean who would want to be in Solomon’s shoes after knowing that a man with the Wisdom of high measure could even have made a wrong choice, given a wrong verdict? 

The days when I read of people being wrongly convicted because of false evidence, wrong judgement and an unfair chance to give their side of the story, my heart felt deeply moved; an innocent person’s life, his all, family, friends, future, crushed and cleared. 

I clearly remember when I had planned one beautiful story, and I asked one of my sources if I could do a fiction on corrupt judges or a jury. The response was simple… 

‘Are you sure Judges could be corrupt? Do you think it’s even possible?’ 

So I left the story. 

The plan still lingers in my C-Book… And I still have it. 

Then this man came to Jesus. And He asked Him about some property issues. And Jesus questioned Him about his misinformation and misinterpretation on His role as a property sharer. Jesus even warned and encouraged us not to rush to court, but to try and settle issues amicably on the road… He said it was a big deal. 

Dear Ghana… I never said I held no stone in my hands. I never said doctors, teachers, politicians or some other people were saints or angels. Neither did I say corruption was good or something negligible. 

Corruption is a big deal. And for Corruption to be named in the planet of Justice is a cause for alarm. It burns our senses, it smears the valves of our hearts with a hot balm that gives us an alarming effect. It’s big, it’s huge, and we cannot underestimate the effect this shocking revelation has given to our nation and the world. 

Thank you Anas Aremyaw Anas. The truth is we have discovered that hardwork really pays. Today, your work taught the world a lesson. Because of your work, men of integrity who sold them for something meager have seen themselves going all lengths to preserve their hard earned reputation because they actually thought ‘No one was watching’. 

Alright… We’ve learnt the lessons. It’s not mine to outline them. It’s my turn to speak and I’m not condemning those involved. How could I? But I think I could raise a few points…. I could be wrong, maybe… 

•There’s some innocent person who’s been wrongly convicted and rots in prison with a conscience that has grown to hate life. 

•There’s some dirty culprit receiving an unfair judgement that’s made him go scottfree. And he’s not learnt his lesson yet, because there’s money, he would not mind doing it again.

•There’s this person whose family is rotten and almost torn apart because some person falsely and unfairly made him seem the devil himself.

•Probably someone has vowed to take the law into his own hands and solve issues on their own. They have vowed never to go to court, they are afraid. They can’t trust people, even some custodians of Justice. 

Those times when our teachers would bet their last coin on a disciplined student or a parent would do same for a child they trusted to be too good to perform an outrageous act until they had the evidence and had to open their mouths wide in shock. Maybe that’s how wide we have opened ours today and guess what, we have our heads bowed too. Apart from that, many others have their hands placed on our breast, we want to recite the pledge and give ourselves the chance to make things better… That’s the extent of shaking in our system this revelation has caused. 

For these reasons, and for many other reasons that currently sit in the minds of many people across the globe, this is a Big Deal, and we are all shaken. 

Photo Credit: The Black Narrator, Facebook. 


6 thoughts on “It’s a Big Deal! 

  1. This piece is amazing, this development sure left Ghanaians stunned and i sure know you have poured out your heart in writing, you said it all

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