The Art and Act of Human Stone-Throwing

After listening to my Podcasts on my phone at night, the messages that come from these seasoned speakers move me to another cloud. Their messages come with power, clarity and it is uncommon for anyone to listen to them to learn more about these people and see where this endowment could have come from.
So I researched on my favorite Pastors and motivational speakers. True, there are some super comments about them, even on Wikipedia they do have a segment for awards and citations. The reviews are great and yet, there are very horrible and diabolic thoughts about them. The most surprising thing about these negative thoughts is the fact that one particular website was dedicated to one of these pastors, just to criticize them and give them a bad name.
The lesson was this, ‘No matter how holy, sanctimonious, careful or prudent a person may be, people, someway, somehow would have issues and grudges with you, and do not worry, most of these you do not know.

In a casual conversation with a relation on issues concerning relationships in general. This relative shared with me some thoughts told me about a guy who she found extra kind. She narrated how his girlfriend left him because of his extra kindness. She told me about how this guy would give his car to his friend and not mind, how he would halt his conversation with his girlfriend at home just to attend to another person’s need. He would be present at every event friends invited him to and would make sure to compensate the friend fully for his absence. People loved him, others found him to be stupid. He just was not ready to be a man, they said.
In one episode of the popular Divorce Court, a hysterical woman came to the court with a complaint that visibly worried her to the bone. She said
My husband is extra caring. He’ll make me breakfast in bed, serve in the morning, and makes it impossible to find fault with him; I have nothing to blame him for when I try to argue with him. I need a divorce. I cannot stay in a relationship when I am always wrong and he is genuinely right.
The judge in this court found this unbelievable. She had in all her life heard cases on women who were abused, men who cheated or shirked their responsibility and here was someone telling her this story, for the first time which amused as well as fascinated the courtroom audience.
The stones in people’s hands could be heavy or light. No matter the weight of these stones, the impact these stones could have on you are dangerous. Could you picture yourself walking in town and someone throws little stones intermittently behind you? You look back and there’s no one behind you. This happens until you finally find the one who has been doing this and has been making you feel so uncomfortable.
Heavy stones could kill your spirit. People say things that are absolutely untrue about you, tell stories about you, want to kill your every inspiration. They come to discourage you, with every venture you undertake, they are the professionals of the Pull Him Down syndrome and could destroy your career totally. For people with heavy stones, there is nothing positive about you they are ready to see.
One category of people who need to soak themselves totally in the concept of ‘Icantpleaseeveryonism’ are the celebrities we hear of everyday. On most platforms these celebrities have been interviewed, one of these questions come up… ‘Are you on social media? Do these comments affect you? What’s the worst thing people have said about you?’ On the Instagram and Facebook pages as well as twitter timelines, it is clearly evident that some folks with no prior information on a news item or a no detailed information on a particular story move to their accounts to criticize them and call them names. You should see the sort of English that moves freely on these pages. I ask myself then, if you cannot be perfect with one sentence, why would you want to speak evil about someone making a huge impact on society?’
Lets do some girl talk here…
Abi you remember the Basilica de la Baby Jet? Aha, you are right, the one at McCarthy Hill, yes, the one he treated guests to a heavy party that even the flagbearer of the National Patriotic Party attended. Erh hern, that when in the morning, it was being discussed on almost every morning and weekend show? Erh herh, you see, those who attended the party ate and drank to their satisfaction, with some good music in the background, but when they went home, although they would tell people about how God has blessed Asamoah, some would add, ‘this guy is self-centered, and does not know how to use his money’. This makes you wonder how party goers could be Bernard Otabil in a short period of time. God have mercy. They even forgot that weekend, the footballer made a donation to a good cause. They keep holding their stones.
In as much as people hold stones, like the story of the adulterous woman and Jesus, we also hold some stones in our hands. We are quick to criticize, talk about others and not get their point of view before passing cynical comments.
Its simple, constructive criticism makes so much sense. Like rating someone’s mediocre performance, correcting a friend and giving a personal or professional experience. Do not make yourself a Pharasee. 

When we know our goals and aims, no matter how people throw stones at you, remember you are a conqueror and with a perfect conscience and societal goodwill, faith in God and hope in the Word, the stones your haters throw are simply behind your back.


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