On Sunday evening, Jenny wrote a letter. The content belonged to the Doctor’s wife. She had detailed the letter to it’s very core, to leave no doubt that the doctor was in an extra marital affair with other ladies. 

Dear Mrs Johnson

It saddens my heart, to make you aware of this. Jesus is very angry with your husband and I’m certain any problems that are occurring are as a result of his insatiable pleasure. 

I visited your church last Sunday and realised that a man whom I had satisfied with pleasure had raised his hand ready to praise and serve God. 

Please beware of his movements, he may not be home this evening. 

Signed… Child of God. 

Doctor Karis Johnson approached his vehicle after staying late at work. He was on his way to the Grand Bridge Hotel. He had no idea he was being traced. After a few centimeters, he realized his car would not move. He alighted to take a look at what had probably happened. 

Jenny mustered courage, targeted her victim, and together with her cab driver-friend, struck him with a heavy piece of log she held in her hand at the car park of his hospital. Quiet and calm, around nine thirty in the evening, she dragged his unconscious body in the cab, tied his hands together, and they moved him to her new apartment where she had planned some good treatment for him. 
To her, the Christian had to live no lies. She realized how different they should be and it hurt her a good doctor could be so unfair to a lovely wife and a beautiful family. 

The night was still young. At ten fifteen she had started the game. Her cab driver friend had assisted her tie the poor doctor to a seat in the room. She bought a cheap lamp stand from a shop close by and acquired a red lamp to give the hell-effect. She held a belt, kept a mouse-trap and a bottle of pepper spray. She was ready to win souls, make the good doctor change for Christ. 

At about eleven in the evening, the doctor’s consciousness gradually was restored. He stretched his neck in his not-so-comfy seat and had a panic heart beat. 

The scene scared him most. It quaked his nerves and made him yell… ‘Where I’m I?’ 

Jenny came in grand style. With music playing in the background, she held her disciplinary weapon in her hands; a wooden stick. She had already cleared every bit of facial hair from the doctor. No eyebrows, no mustache, nothing. 
His panic made him ask, ‘Who are you? What do you want from me?’ 

She found his ranting funny. She couldn’t understand his level of hypocrisy. 

Jenny moved round his chair, she asked him the questions that bothered her brain. She wondered the strength of his conscience… 
‘You would do this to your own wife? Stab her in the heart, with your infidelity?’ 

‘Please leave me alone, please’ he cried for help. Tears rolled down his cheek, he felt ashamed. 

‘Say you’re sorry, apologize, ask God to forgive you, and swear you wouldn’t do this again’ Jenny suggested, rather harshly. 

‘Doctor Kharis felt his hands weaken. He was clueless of the next action’. 

Pastor Justin called her phone. She picked up and briefly left the room. 

‘Hello, Justin… I have great news for you’ 

‘Great, Jenny, fill me in’. His reply was good, he really expected some divine encounter of some sort’. 

‘Could you come over to Old Hawk street, B24 now?’ Jenny asked,

‘Ermm, what for?’ Justin sounded confused.

‘Please, please do’… She pleaded. 

‘Ill be there soon’, Pastor Justin put his cell phone in his pocket and drove to the building in a space of thirty minutes. The absence of traffic quickened his arrival. 

Jenny scared the doctor more. She would place the mouse trap strategically close to his bare foot and ask him to explain the reason behind his action while he wept, struggling to get out of the seat. 

Justin arrived and entered the room after he had heard someone yelling. The noise was faint but it grew louder when he was very close to the door. 

Justin almost choked. The scene frightened him. His eyes opened wide and he was lost for words.

Jenny was happy. She was thoroughly convinced Pastor Justin would be glad she had won a soul. 

‘What’ve you done to Kharis?’ Justin asked her. 

‘Some spiritual discipline. He’s a whore chaser, saw him on Sunday and couldn’t sit down watch him deceive the church’. Jenny explained. Her voice was shaky, she could see Justin was bitter and disappointed. 

‘You shaved his facial hair too?’ Pastor Justin asked… Then he laughed, when he saw how horrible Doctor Kharis looked. 

‘Jenny, no, no, no, no… This is totally wrong’. Justin moved and untied the doctor. He could see he was visibly weak. 

‘He’s an adulterer and a hypocrite.’ Jenny called out. 

Justin understood Jenny’s reason for her actions. He watched Jenny passionately, looked into her eyes and spoke to her

‘Christians aren’t perfect people. They are people with a need for perfection who go through much to succeed. It’s not in our place to punish people, we aren’t God…’ 

He looked much intensely into her eyes…

‘There’s much more for you to know, Jenny’ 
Doctor Kharis knelt on the ground. He felt ashamed and couldn’t stop crying. He kept thanking Jenny, which made Justin a little scared. 

He did not know why he would appreciate such torment. 

Then the doctor burst in tears, much louder this time. His repentant heart had made him accept his mistake and he asked for forgiveness and the grace to live a better life. 

Pastor Justin offered to drive him back home to make the confession to his wife. 

After the confession was succesful with lots of tears and drama, in their return home, Justin couldn’t stop staring at Jenny. He knew they would be a powerful force for the propagation of the Word. 

At 2:30am he spoke at length and made his proposal… 
A beautiful life had just began…. 


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