You Don’t Want to Meet Iron Man

The name Iron Man would appeal to most of our modern-age consciences as a character in a local movie who virtually would be the blow man or the killer. Going further, I’m certain others have in mind a well-built man with claws on his fingers, on a mission to save the world or destroy a peaceful city. 

Cut the fairy tales already. Iron man is a real character, one who lives among the people of the Western Region. With an unkempt beard, bushy hair and a scary face, he usually walks with a bar in hand, an iron bar though sometimes without it and parades the streets of Takoradi, looking for what… ‘I honestly don’t know’

Imagine having to walk for twenty minutes when you could have walked through a short route in town because you saw Iron man. Most people, females especially have changed their paths several times; this is to keep themselves safe from any kind of trouble, they never know what Iron man could do to them. 

I haven’t been spared. It was a Friday morning, I guess. I worked as a teacher in a primary school, and I had to rush to town to get some money from someone. While driving, I approached the traffic lights just in front of Groove spot, and as an obedient a citizen, I stopped, waiting for the green signal. 

I suddenly felt as though some force of some sort was pushing my car. Then I heard voices. People began shouting… ‘He’ll break your back-screen’, ‘He’ll hurt you oh’. Then I took the courage to look back. 

Iron man stood behind my car, looking all mean and scary. I don’t think I’ve ever been this confused before. The greatest fear was what could be his next move. As I turned, onlookers made my frustration worse. Everyone was visibly alarmed. Iron man came close to the front-door window and looked me in the face through the window and these were his words ‘roll my glass, roll your glass’

The green signal was finally on and I quickly drove off, thanking God for sparing my life. The next ten minutes or so was spent silently in my car, after I had parked to calm my nerves down and move on. 

Similarly, most people have been through his hands. In traffic, he may appear suddenly at your window and put his head through it and say ‘Herrllow’… People panic, I’m sure not because he’s not all sound up there, but they seem afraid he could harm them with his next action. 

But let’s be real. These mental patients we see around, pose a huge threat to us. Psychologically, this experience had an effect on me, and I had to stay away from town for some days till I could go back. I also till date have a phobia for people with serious mental problems who roam the streets freely. 

Recently, another one showed up. Rather advanced in age, he holds a stick in his hands and scares children away. He suffered some severe beatings in the hands of some guys when it became unbearable and he had since then disappeared until recently. 

Reports have been filed on such people embarking on very dangerous acts. About three years ago, a woman met her untimely death after she was struck by one of them. 

In one of the articles of the Mirror some years back, I recall an official saying these people would be off our streets by 2018 or so. Why take this long? Let’s work on this swiftly to avoid such occurrences from happening. You may not want to witness the unpleasant scene of a ‘mad man’ cutting himself with the glasses of a bank’s door after they refused to give him the money due the ‘Royal of the Asante Land’. 

Why wait? 

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2 thoughts on “You Don’t Want to Meet Iron Man

  1. my dear i also have such a phobia. .I run to the other side of the road when i see one. 2018 is too far, they should do something already. .. anyway sorry for your “iron man encounter”

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