The Wrong Right Encounter 3 

That night, Jenny wept. Her days of darkness had become glorious. She felt the pain of being used. She felt some love rush through her, and could not resist the flow of peace. 

Then she went home to her girls. One of her close friends noticed a slight heaviness in her cheek. She yelled. So loud, as though someone had been killed. 

‘Who did this to you?’ She passed her hand around Jenny’s cheeks, feeling her soft face. 

Jenny would not utter a word. That night she prayed. She was ever ready to move out of the house. She did not care how much it would cost. She had saved some money, could rent a guest house for days and enjoy the peace that came with her new found love. 

In his apartment, Justin prayed deeply for Jenny’s soul. He cried and asked God to allow him to hear from her. His home was well-furnished. A clean apartment with art that added a touch of the eighties to his modern furniture. After praying, he stood behind one of the portraits that showed a father’s love for his son. It pained his heart his father painted a picture of perfection. And for a moment, he bowed his head in shame, why would I hit a woman? 

Justin had been praying for Jenny. He wanted her to call his phone. He had good thoughts for her, he would take her to the doctor’s, have her checked and schedule the surgery for her fibroid. He also wanted to speak to the big shots in the city, at least, they could find her something doing, some coins for a decent living. 

On Thursday morning, Pastor Justin had just finished his morning shower after had done some heavy push-ups. With his towel wrapped around his waist exposing his abs and fit body, he played his favorite gospel music and lay calmly on the bed. 

He heard a knock at his door. He wondered who it could be. He quickly grabbed a shirt from his locker, forgetting to button up. He moved to the door, opened it and found Jenny standing in front of his door. 

Jenny glowed. With slight make-up, a beautiful bright blue blouse and a low cut skirt that slightly revealed her shape she couldn’t conceal, Pastor Justin hugged her tight. He knew God had brought her to him. But that hug was very wrong. He could feel something different in his body. 

This had never happened to him, at least, in his many spiritual years. He had innocently raised an alarm below the belt and Jenny had felt it. He was ashamed. He pulled back immediately, turned his back and offered Jenny a seat while he rushed to his bedroom to get dressed. 

He came out of the room still shy. 

‘Don’t worry Justin’, she smiled.

Jenny had suddenly charmed him, he looked into her eyes and asked her

‘How’s the experience and break been?’ 

‘I’ve lost my friends, my home and I bleed much during my menses every night. The doctor warned me of this’. She slightly teared up. 

Justin felt worried, his eyes grew with love, for a woman he purely wanted to assist. He touched her shoulder, but Jenny would not give him the chance to fail, she watched him with a raised eyeball and smiled. 

Justin immediately drew back and called the doctors and scheduled an appointment. 

At the doctor’s  

‘She sat at the reception, waiting for her turn. She reached for a Christian magazine and read the chapters. She saw one chapter which read, ‘Adultery, the danger of lust’. 

She read of how two men were caught in the net of adultery, and how one described the dangers of the act. How it killed the soul and brought many other sins to the human spirit. She shed tears and felt sorry about her past. Just then the nurse called her in. She noticed the teary eyed woman offered her some Tissues. 

At the doctor’s office, Jenny panicked when she saw the doctor. She had served him before. Three or four times in the past three years. She recognised him, she even remembered his name. His wife’s picture as well as those of his two daughters stood majestically on the wall. The family looked brilliant. 

Jenny was silent. She could read the nervousness on the doctor’s face and in his voice as well. She watched him examine her and within a short while she had fully completed the scan and scheduled a date for the surgery Her fibroid had already grown. 

‘Hello Justin’ 

She called after leaving the doctor’s office.
‘Jenny, how did it go?’ 

‘Very well… Off to my apartment. I guess we’d meet on Sunday?’ 

Justin could sense her enthusiasm to go to church that Sunday. He had given her some Cece Winans songs to play and some podcast on his iPad he’d kept for sometime now. Jenny’s transformation was phenomenal. 

‘Definitely, I’d pick you up on Sunday’ 

Bye… They all said. 

On Sunday, Justin wore his new suit. He apparently loved these pair of shoes. Tradition maintained that the old pastor bought a pair of shoes for the new one. A sign of continuity and greater works. 

He drove straight to Jenny’s guest house and they went to church. It was his first major Sunday. He had to impress them. Jenny wore a straight dress, well sewn and she covered her hair beautifully with a headgear. She reminisced the true African beauty. 

The worship was moving. Jenny felt peace within her soul. Sweet peace like she’d never felt before. She had come to love Jesus. 

As she raised her hands to worship, she saw her doctor. He sat in the front pew with his gorgeous wife and two daughters. They worshipped along and prayed fervently. Jenny became an observer. She fumed with anger. She thought the church was for only good people. She thought she was very unworthy. Her heart hardened towards him, she was very aware his wife had no clue he was a whore chaser. 

She patiently waited till service was over. Pastor Justin had been duly welcomed and his church members seemed to like him a lot. One of the ushers was given the podium to give a short welcome address. She called him one of the ‘finest gentlemen’ we’ve ever had as pastors. Everyone could see her blush. 

After church, Jenny sat in Pastor Justin’s car. She saw Justin speak with the doctor and his family. Jenny would not speak after church. Her anger was deep. She wished she could discipline the doctor. 

Jenny had a sweet plan for Doctor Johnson. She saw his full name on the complementary card in the car. She had to make this man regret what he did. Her Christianity was on cruise. Her soul winning tactics were different. 
Let’s conclude this already…. 

Thank you all for reading. God bless you all… 


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