The Wrong Right Encounter 2

The silence in the 2013 Toyota Corolla was weird. It brought into both minds thoughts that spoke louder than an actual conversation. After all, he had the right to. She had been hardly polite and she spoke like he had offended her. Someone had to speak, because it was getting awkward, very.
They all broke the silence, at the same time.

Hey, and she said Yo. He put his left hand on the steering wheel and signalled her to continue her speech. 

She played with the gum in her mouth and used her sleek Samsung Galaxy S5, as though she was in a business chat of some sort. She typed in her chats with all seriousness.

‘Is this your first time?’ She said in her bid to calm the tense situation around them.

‘Errm, yes’ he replied. ‘How did you know?’
She was quiet.

‘I don’t look like one of the regular guys who do come here?’ He asked raising the hairy eyebrow on top of his left eye.

‘What do you mean by regular men?’ Her voice was up now.

What a temper she’s got here. He was almost confused. It’s better we talk no more. He suggested to himself. 

They were quiet all through the short trip to the Grand Bridge Hotel.

The Grand Bridge Hotel was grand. A plush five star hotel with lights that beamed at night. Two hundred rooms, a restaurant, a bar, a pool, a gym and a cinema, prefixing all these with grand. Apparently what made this hotel this popular was the amazing view it had at night and the beautiful sea that stood majestically a few meters beyond it. The rooms were in grades. Grade one to five. The first twenty rooms were at the down floor, and were affordable. It was like that, the higher you moved, the larger you paid.

The least she had gone was the third floor. Second, you were too cheap and she would object totally, you had to move higher. She had been there four times this week and she had always been to the topmost floor. Those big bellied miners made life comfortable.
He got down and opened his door. He opened hers as well. She was grateful. No one had done that for her, even after years as a professional in the profession.

The breeze from the night was divine; Cool sifted wind that calmed nerves and killed tension. He wore a pair of blue jeans and a turquoise polo shirt. He confidently checked in and entered the third floor. He asked her to follow him and they both settled in the room

Clean bed sheets, a beautiful lamp, a cool bathhouse and a flat screen television. She was okay, not very fond of him. She loved his composure but there was one rule of the business. ‘Get it done and move out’.

She sat on the bed and he took his shoes off. She was wondering why he was extraordinarily calm and not ready for what was ahead

‘Could we begin?’ She spoke with some seriousness. No emotions attached.

He looked at her and smiled. ‘I wanted to know your name first. I’m Justin’. He said. That was the truth. 
‘What’s your name anyway?’

‘I’m not answering that, you see that on my bag’. She said and put her two hands at her waist.

‘Oh, Jenny’ he read that aloud. ‘Jenny as in Jennifer?’

‘No, Jenny as in Jennyritalinalicious’ she said rudely in her attempt to get his words back at him.

‘What sort of nonsense is this? Are you here to make fun of me? Which other Jenny do you know adds anything apart from ‘’ifer?’’’ 

Justin pulled pack and stared at her well. ‘I did not mean to offend you’. 

He looked at her, sat on the bed, still in his trousers.

She took off her bra but still wore her blue sleeveless top. 

 ‘Justin or whatever your name is, what are you waiting for? Oya, let’s start what we came to do’.

He smiled and took off his shirt, with his singlet on. She stared at his broad manly chest. She knew this would be good. She knew if he did not pay at least fifty dollars, she would have had great compensation for the night. After all, myth had it that men who appeared gentle and calm with great physiques were the superstars in bed.
He lay on the bed still in his white singlet and watched her as she carried her legs on the bed without her heels. She sensed some shyness in his eyes. He had an innocent glow she had never seen in a guy ‘ready’ for action in several years. All the men were eager to get started. What stood before them was not meagre, she knew that herself. Even the man who locked his waist did not.
‘Are you shy?’ she asked him harshly, lifting her body up and supporting her neck with her hand.

He said, 
‘No, not shy, but I wish I could speak to you before anything began between us’.

She gave him an ugly stare, bringing her two eyebrows slightly below her forehead.

‘Is it protection you are looking for? Check the drawer for what you need. If you’re too shy to get hard, get into the bathroom, and do what you have to do and come out and perform’ she said. She had no idea what this man wanted to tell her.

‘I’m not shy’. He clapped his hand as he said that. ‘Do I look shy?’ He had a powerful bass tone backing his calm voice. It sounded well.

‘I could rock you till midnight,

I could make you a woman this night

The sight of your features

Make me more of a man’

She looked at him, very confused now. 

‘What is wrong with this stud? He’s actually here to release poems into my ear. Is he serious at all?’ She said all these to herself.

‘I’m leaving, pay me up and let me leave. You are not ready for this’. 

She got up from the bed, ready to leave.

‘Please’, he said. ‘Don’t leave Jennifer. He passionately called her name. Could you listen to me?’ Just two minutes and I’d be done, and I’m sure you won’t leave’. 

‘Alright, what’s the rubbish you’ve got in your mouth’? She rolled these words at him.

‘I’m Pastor Justin, I’ve been transferred to this place and I had wanted to share my first grace with you. I wish I could change a life and as I drove past your place this night, it struck my mind to have a chat with you, and change your life completely’.

She stood there, completely lost.

‘Ah, are you in your right senses? You expected me to cry after your speech? You must be out of your silly mind. No, no, no, you are a pastor so what? Do you know how many men I’ve had real hot sex who were so called Pastors?’

‘In fact, you’ve got me so angry. I’m not leaving any longer. You’re going to do what you came here to do or you leave here either lifeless or framed’. She threatened him, took her hand bag and showed him a knife in her bag.
She began to undress, she took off her blue sleeveless top and stood before him half naked, her two breasts staring at him.

‘What? Wha Wh W is this? Goodness’, 

Justin exclaimed, his heart beat raced now as the ‘what’ he said reduced according to his stamina for speech. 

What if someone was recording this and read it wrongly? Hotel security may have interpreted this wrongly of things got out of hand. . He may have to be killed by someone who would hear her shout, the scare of his father’s predicament dawned on him like a painful repeat. He was seriously scared and insecure at this moment. What was he to do?

She watched him as he stood there completely confused. She knew very well he was confused and that gave her more confidence that her plot would turn out successful.

‘Jennifer! He exclaimed. You got me wrong. I did not mean go mad on me. All I meant was I wanted to help you change’.

‘Exactly why I took off my clothes.’ I did not want to hear the word change’. 

Her firm round size thirty six breasts moved together with her hands as she gestured. Justin could not help the site of her breasts dangling and shaking in front of her and in front of his eyes.

‘Okay, calm down’, he suggested as he stretched his hands, the perfect scenario, a referee warning a hyper active player to calm down. ‘Calm down and let’s fix this. I pay you up, and you also go. That’s if you are not going to listen to me’.

‘No, listen up. Justin or whichever man of God you are. I am simply surprised at how daft you are. Let’s completely exhaust the reason for which we came here or suffer the consequences of your action’.

‘Alright’, Justin looked at her and simply could not hide his frustration. 
She looked furious, as though she was yet to pull her plan out. She reached for the button on her pair of jeans and began to pull it down.

‘Please, please, please, don’t go there, Justin pleaded. ‘Are you out of your mind?’ Please hear me out. This was a mistake and I’m sorry to have messed up, I mean real bad. Put your clothes on and let’s leave this place. I should not have done this at all’.

She halted removing the skirt and she began to leave. Justin saw her wear her bra and her blue top. She was burning with anger now. He murmured, ‘Oh God, what trouble have I brought this day?’

She turned towards him, she hooked him by the neck and hurt his neck with her nails. ‘What did you say? She asked him angrily’.

‘Would you stop this?’ 

Justin pushed her back on the bed. Are you out of your mind? The push was heavy, she felt scared, but she refused to accept it. 

She reached for her bag and took off the top she wore again. She began shouting and screaming, pretending she was being raped by Justin.

‘Help, he’s on top of me, he’s hurting me’, she yelled.

He picked her by the left hand tightly and held her up. 

‘Are you out of your mind? What is wrong with you? I think you are possessed’ 

He said, losing his cool now. He picked her up and she had now remained calm. She had been tamed.

She wore her bra again and stood close to him and stared at him.

‘What is it you want from me?’ She asked. ‘You brought me here, what’s all this embarrassment?’

‘I don’t want to embarrass you, I only want you to know how dangerous this is? My father used women and I wished to help at least one out, today I saw one condom that reminded me so much of one girl like that. He narrated the story, not leaving any detail.
By the time he was done she was in tears now. She remained quiet.

‘Why? What’s wrong? He held hand and drew close. She looked sweet, her true self was unpeeled and revealing like a piece of banana.

‘Your story reminds me of a bitter experience; a terrible lie I told about someone that cost my father and that man’s life’. She was almost tearing up by now. She looked him in the eye.

‘Could I trust you?’ 

She asked him, apparently, she had not spoken to someone about anything that would make tears run down her cheek. She either discussed clients and the fun times with her sisterhood or they smoked and drunk their depression off.

The last time she had been to the doctor’s the report had not been encouraging. She had developed a fibroid and she had to stop this business. Where was all this money going to come from? But each day was to her, hope that was cut short. She wanted a family, her own children, but the doctor advised her womb to be removed because apart from that one fibroid, she had risks of getting more.

She told him her story, ‘It’s been a long journey Justin. I have been hit by life’s most painful experiences. 

My father was sent to prison for killing a man who I lied had raped me. My father died three days after he went to prison for murder. My mother could not stand the pain and she had to kill herself, then I escaped to the city to seek greener pastures. I’m thirty seven years now and after twenty two years of failed businesses and ventures, I’ve taken care of myself.

‘Hold on’, Justin replied. ‘You said you lied about a man?’

‘Yes,’ she nodded.

‘What was his name?’ Justin asked her

‘He was also Justin’, but I don’t know his surname’.

Justin was almost furious now, he was burning within. His dad meant all the world to him, even though he had lost him, he knew he would not spare who was the cause of his death.

‘Yes, I did. Why, any links with him?’ 

She asked him.

‘Yes, you can’t identify this? And you called me daft?’ He got so emotional he was almost crying.

 ‘He was my father, my dad. You lied, I saw everything that day. No one was going to hear my story. They all knew I was young and you knew everything. You knew my dad was an honest person, he paid you well, and why did you do this to him?

Justin rose to his feet, he slapped her in the face, she fell to the ground in tears. The slap was heavy and painful.
‘God’, Justin regretfully mentioned. He tried picking her up from the ground. She had her left hand on her right cheek as he held her up.

‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry’, he apologized deeply. ‘But really, why would you do such a thing to Senior?’ , he referred to his dad. 

‘That night he used me; he promised to give me enough money for my fees, he slept with me and gave me less. I was only fifteen, fifteen. I wanted to pay him back for telling me lies, that was my first time, he broke it, my life, everything ripped apart, Justin, your dad fuckin’ lied to me’.

She shed real tears now. She drew near him and hit his chest, she still felt her pain. A heavy cheek, painful and hurting from the slap. She felt she did deserve it but the weight of the slap was almost unbearable, that, she did not deserve. It hurt her.

‘I’m sorry, Jenny, he never told me that, but you still lied, you shouldn’t have’. By now, he had hugged her tight and she wept on his singlet.

Her face looked different now, her pain, her life, her hurt, she had unleashed onto the arms of someone she had hurt so bad.

He looked in those beautiful eyes, he could not let her go like that. He was also heavy now, with the truth of his father’s dishonesty and mistakes. She had changed indeed, the word she did not want to hear had become her new self.
‘You know about inner peace?’ Justin asked her.
‘Yes, but I think, for now, it’s far from me’. She said sadly.

‘No, no’, he said calmly as he held her hand firmly, he did not want to let go. 

‘You could have it today, as we stand here now. There’s no inner peace than having that special place in your heart prepared for the One who’s made me this way. Better than the moon, the stars, the sun, the ocean, He gives you joy for the pain and replenishes your lost life.

He passionately kissed her forehead. He loved her as he spoke to her heart.

‘I know Jesus, but I don’t remember the last time I spoke to Him? Are you sure He wouldn’t punish my life, send me crawling and paying for the wrongs I’ve done?’
Justin placed his finger on her lip, you are talking too much.

He took a picture of Jesus in a crown, with blood oozing from his head and handed it over to her.

‘Keep this, read what’s behind and call me when you’re done’. He said to her.
He hugged her tight, he knew he had accomplished his task.

‘He loves you Jennifer, He does’.

‘Thank you’. She said. ‘Thank you so much’. 

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4 thoughts on “The Wrong Right Encounter 2

  1. A three must definitely come,that’s a really great story,the pastor has some guts to approach a prostitute and be able to resist all the temptations.that’s lovely.waiting on the three,Jenny must repent.:-)

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