Five Times Everyone Should Ask. 

I’ve heard stories of adventurous folks who would never ask anyone for directions or help. To them, being adventurous  means navigating through their own maps to find exactly  what they are looking for. 

Trance Jones was a tourist to Africa. Before his arrival, he had heard that the African man couldn’t interact with people with white skin. He had heard that they were inferior and lacked communication skills. 

So what he did was simple, he visited the forest as a tourist and had to locate the lodge he had booked. He toured the city, exhausted and tired, he had to rest under a tree for a long time. During his rest, a poisonous snake dealt miserably with him, and his sorry self was sent to the grave. 

In as much as this fiction would seem a lower grade tale, I would make some good reference to it in my concluding part of this post. 

There are times we have to ask, forget your independence, forget your ego and your pride. Let’s see the five times every human being should ask, regardless, and how these simple questions have transformed others lives.

1. Disease and Healing. 

It’s no secret by now, that people have been through heavy turmoils, through various diseases and have miracolously recovered and fully gained their healing. We all face some discomfort in our bodies at one point or another. Some may be eye problems, severe boils, ear infections, pain in a part of the body or a deadly disease. It’s revealing to hear the stories of people who have been healed and the processes they went through to come out of their situation. Apart from the learning factor, there’s super motivation. The afflicted now joyful, tells a tale of the morning pains, afternoon discomforts and sleepless nights and how to overcome them gradually. In a conversation I had with a relation when I visited the eye doctor for a check up on my eye, he revealed how some one had received his sight thanks to the direction an old woman had given to him. He was totally blind, and through wholesome traditional medicine had received his sight. Another woman shared her story of how moringa leaves had drastically reduced her sugar level and blood pressure. The interesting thing here is that, most people have heard of moringa leaves but how to administer it in their treatment is another thing to discover. When these questions are asked, results are given. Don’t hesitate, people have had massive breakthroughs through these. 

2. New Settlement.

I’ll narrate to you a true story. Before Harry and Vivian moved to their new apartment, they met their landlord. An angel on earth. She was absolutely pleasant, welcoming and a beautiful person. They thought they had landed themselves a long-term abode, where they would probably going to make babies and raise a family. 

It was just a matter of two weeks. The landlord began showing her ‘true colours’ as what she revealed to them was supposedly her chameleon shade. The distress and frustrations came from different angles. I’ll tell you one, don’t greet me in the mornings, I may be sleeping, or not fully awake. Don’t laugh loudly in the home, don’t touch the walls and definitely, the exchange of words began and still continue. 

After the couple did the right thing they had to do before hiring the house, ASK, they found out shocking revelations. Approximately five to six people had rented the home in the past one and half years and they had all left. The neighbors had all had a good share of the landlord’s treatment. She had called them villagers, thieves and what not. It’s actually right to ask neighbors, friends and people about a new settlement. If possible, go deeper, ask the previous tenants, What was the moving-out factor? How long did you stay?’ Then you could brace yourself for any problems ahead. 

In a new school, a new workplace, ask. Ask about the ethics, go further ask about how registration is done, how to live successfully in that environment. 

People could argue that people change, or people have wrong perceptions about others, so, asking isn’t necessary. Please, ask, ask and ask again, it does no harm, if you go and it’s there, fine, if it isn’t, the better.

3. Marriage/Friendship 

Before choosing a marriage partner, don’t forget to ask. In my hit-story, MY WEDDING; THE BEAST BEHIND THE SHEEP’s MASK, I tell a tale of a young woman who would have married a murderer, a psychopath, but for the intervention of her mother. 

Asking before marriage gives you the heart to prepare. Prepare here meaning, preparing to be tolerant or to help change a behavior. For instance, if a young girl’s father advices his daughter’s husband in secret about his daughter’s temper, then the guy should wear his helmet or purchase his toolbox either to solve the problem, (which in any case isn’t easy) or manage with the condition. 

It’s good to ask, if there are any diseases, blood group, any health disorder, so that immediately serious measures are put in place to prevent worse conditions. After all, true love conquers all.  Friendships are not excluded. 

4. Directions

Im not talking about the ‘akwankyere’ that we locally know, that is the act of seeking spiritual direction. In my opening scenario, I explained how my fictional character Trance Jones lost his life because he wouldn’t ask. 

In huge cities like Accra, with some interchanges and roads still under construction, one who wouldn’t ask would roam the whole city and arrive disgracefully late at his destination. 

Be fully equipped, get your maps, your every direction but still ask if you could. Though it’s better to know the route and asking for directions could come with it’s own implications, I’d suggest all the asking would be done before the journey has been embarked on, to avoid unscrupulous persons taking undue advantage of you. 

5. Career Paths / Mentors 

If you have been a close reader of motivational books by various speakers, it’s would be no surprise that you would have met one of these authors literally meeting one of their mentors and maybe a word or an interaction transformed their lives. 

Before you choose a course, a program or a career of any sort, it’s only prudent you ask. Ask who went In before you, how they’ve done, where they’ve been, the challenges and all. How are you going to make things different, what are you going to bring on board?  These questions are definitely not going to be a perfect assurance of your success in your life, but they are going to surely provide the insight to making the right choice. 

There’s still a message, 

The ultimate way to ask is asking in faith and prayer, this tops all, after all the tongues, fasting, prayers and retreats the greatest and most effective way to ask is asking God in meditation and full trust of His guidance and will for our lives. 

Stay blessed! 

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