Uniqueness Is Limitation?

The day already began with showers of blessing and the coolness and calmness that came along with it surely opposes the regular busy nature of a Monday Morning rush hour coupled with the heavy traffic and late arrivals to work. 

Being unique friends, means, a chance to be attributed to something special. In every home, family or institution, there are very different people with much distinct characters and behaviors. Twins have various differences, siblings do, workers portray that, and even religious also do. 

Some years ago, a group of missionaries settled in Ghana. They came along with their plan to evangelise, educate and build churches in Ghana. They have been very succesful and could boast of churches and out stations that are impacting many lives. 

Do you agree??? 

Each of these missionaries was absolutely different. One of them, was tall, hardworking, and seemed anti-social. He would work from morning to evening, always seeking something to do, barely smile with people, and select a few people who were competent enough to work with him and that was enough. 

Another one of the missionaries was out-going, everybody’s friend, enthusiastically generous, cheerful and calm. He would smile each time, and have a conversation with almost anyone at anytime. There were times you would visit him at his office and find a queue of people waiting to be tipped or spoken to by him. 

These missionaries were unique in their own ways, very obvious, but it came to a time, people began talking about them. Their problem with the first one was he being too unfriendly but comfortable with the few people he chose. With the other missionary, their statement was, he talked too much and that people took him for granted.

My point, it’s true people would complain if the best angel were sent to the earth to live among us, they would find faults with virtually everything someone does, but though their comments shouldn’t be our diet, they should be matters of concern. 

Definitely, anyone who smiles everyday would surely have to frown someday at something. It would be a behavior someone shows towards them, the use of an abusive word or an unfair treatment. This may call for an action or the ability to correct the waywardness in the other. 

At work, being unique means, Johnson takes care of marketing and he’s absolutely amazing at it, but what if Richardson isn’t around and someone else should head production or chair a meeting. The answer is your uniqueness shouldn’t be a limit but a push to try and discover another part of you. 

At home, we may have siblings who are absolutely conscious about security, another who is endowed in the kitchen or another who keeps the family together with stories or jokes. There may be a time one may not be around, and your uniqueness may be stretched to go further, adjust and prove yourself, take the challenge and don’t nag. 

In marriage, some men say, the kitchen is for the woman, some women describe the washing of cars, fixing of electric bulbs as the man’s job. But wait till he isn’t around, on a business trip or has embarked on a journey and you have to present an official speech at a seminar. Who then would wash your car? Would you still maintain how unique you are, and go on with the trip? Same goes to the guys. 

We may be unique, yes, that’s true, but let’s challenge ourselves to be jacks of all trades, to know a little of this, a little of that and not limit ourselves to how unique we are. 

Have a blessed Monday! 



3 thoughts on “Uniqueness Is Limitation?

  1. lol sorry I don’t agree because there’ll always be an option especially with changing of bulbs and washing of cars..electrician and washing bay will be available 😛 😛 😛 …blessed Monday to you too!

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