Living It Big

In one of the dailies, there was a story of a woman and her sister who had rented cars and borrowed from several banks, and were at large after investigators had identified their acts. 

Unfortunately for her, one of the culprits was apprehended and the other woman was still at large. Whether apprehended or at large, it is no doubt that both are heavily uncomfortable situations, the uneasiness, the pain and regret of the actions geared towards becoming famous and rich, could lead to a destroyed career, a crippled future and a despicable self esteem. 

Last week, the story of another young guy who had embarked on a trip to the shrine to seek some special powers to make money, had been given the terms and conditions and adhered to them. 

He had to rub his manhood for twenty-one days and after a long wait, religiously practicing and sticking to the terms and conditions of the contract, he did not get the money he wanted. 

Long story short, this young man got a bottle of kerosine, and tried killing himself by burning. He lit fire on the floor, tried burning himself, couldn’t contain the pain, and neighbors had to come in and rescue him. 

There are two reasons this young man was lucky. One, people saved his life, and secondly, his ritual was much more easier. Others go through terrible rites, others sleep with goats, some have to bring parts of a young girl, sleep with a mad woman and so on. You don’t want to hear these stories. 

It’s their story, they tell it well. Range rovers, Lamborginis, huge mansions, expensive parties and everything. 

From the sweaty faces, sleepless nights and prayers, studies and books, hardwork and relentless dedication to witnessing a brilliant future some men and women have toiled to get where they are today, we love and respect them. 

Some always want the easy way out. Corruption, lies, theft, deception and slander. They will go any extent to get what they want. Go to the cities today, there are lots of women and men who are currently owing huge debts to friends, companies and churches. 

Did they borrow to start businesses? Did they borrow to invest? Did they borrow to fund someone’s hospital Bill? No, no and no! Then Why did they borrow?  I’ll tell you, to live big. 

Personal experience and interviews with people have revealed how some people live miserable lives of deceiving people of the glamour in their lives. Expensive clothing, huge parties, night life and big cars. At home, at night, at dawn, some cry, regretting the lives they live but have no option than to await the day their cups would fill up. 

Friend, it’s not worth it. Be content. You could also live big. You could get that Range Rover, that iPhone 6, that million dollar home if you truly desire them. You could also live big. I’ll attempt to cross-examine you, try to answer these questions. 

Do you believe in God? Do you believe in His word? Do you read stories of people who have made it in life? Do you love to work hard? 

If your answer to these questions are yes, you stand a hundred percent chance of becoming succesful someday if you don’t get weary. 

Be content with what you have, work towards becoming the you God has planned. It’s beautiful having patience, trusting God for a stunning future and when you finally get there, the glory of your achievement would glow in the face of everyone. 

Life isn’t easy, but pushing and moving on would set you apart. Be wise, be strong, and hope till it seems foolish. Then when the time comes for you to live big, you will live really big! 

Have a great week. 

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5 thoughts on “Living It Big

  1. nice and inspiring piece. There is no shortcut to living big in life. it requires hardwork and trusting God totally. God bless u Boby for this wonderful piece

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