Gifted Voices. 

When you put on the radio set in your hall, stretch your legs on the centre table in an attempt to calm your worked nerves after the day’s work, and get some cool air blowing from the fan or air conditioner in the room, and then, hear the voice of your music star you absolutely relish, the urge to join in the flow of the music, carefully tracing the paths of the rhythm, you feel absolutely blessed and can’t resist the pleasure that informs and massages your body. 

Even when all is not so rosy and cool, there’s still that encouragement that comes from the soothing voice we hear, it calms us, moves us and ignites intense energy to rise and stand again. 

Cece Winans, Yolanda Adams, John Legend, Sam Smith, Efya, Irene Logan and many others. These names ring a bell? The talent and passion that brews from these voices when we hear them, supplies our whole being with goosebumps and there are many others who do same. 

There other gifted voices we haven’t met. They don’t sing, they don’t have auditions, and aren’t part of some super band. As a matter of fact, we don’t pay money to hear them. Do you have a clue? 

The first gifted voice is your conscience. It doesn’t stop. It rings a bell skilfully, until you have listened. ‘Dont do this, it’s not worth it’. This voice knows you, a mastermind of determining you next action. It doesn’t keep calm, in the depths of your loneliness you sometimes find it speak to you. Religious experts have spoken about enabling your conscience to be trustworthy. They speak about reading of books, especially the Bible. Feeding your mind with the word, keeps your conscience from being indifferent to perfect. It wants you to be perfect. Consider the number of people convicted of rape, theft and other crimes. If only they had paid some attention to their conscience. 

Let’s talk about friends. Jones had lost a son, he had many friends who came to him to sympathise. Jones would tear up, have a gloomy face until the people left. One morning, Jones had a visit, from that day, he kept smiling. His friend from high school came to visit. He was the perfect voice for the situation. After he left, it was as though Jones had been served water after a one mile jog. He felt renewed and calm. 

From human right activists who stand in for people, to lawyers who defend the defenseless, these are all amazing voices we love to hear from time to time and appreciate. 

The President of Ghana, in an attempt to calm the good people of Ghana has spoken; from words as deep as describing our Lamentations as ‘Purposeless’ to the declaring of the ‘dead goat syndrome’, we can’t stop than to thank God for a man such a gifted voice! When there is no constant supply lights, when the NHIS has almost failed, and when corruption is on the increase, when the dollar has just received the baton once again, which gifted voice do we stand to hear as Ghanaians. 

Let’s go back to the word of God, to the words that brewed from our forefathers, to the hope of a better nation. It’s undeniably true to talk about being unperturbed about the situations in the country, but to move on there are numerous gifted voices we could count on. 

Whose voice are you listening to today, the voice of hope or the voice of discouragement? Be attentive, the one to speak to you with the words you have waited for comes soon. Be hopeful, it shall be well! 


Photo credit: @babyanimals 


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