International Women’s Day… Where The Beautiful Women Went. 

Pageants, Competitions, Movie Premiers, Cinemas and Parties, ask the guy next to you, and he’s likely to show you the direction. ‘If you are searching for beautiful women, go to these places, that’s where you’ll find them’ and after asking again, he’ll confirm it, and give you reasons justifiable enough. 
Talk about the glamour, dresses, clutches, amazing make-up, designer shoes and high class fragrance. A woman passes by you, dresses up to the nines and the fragrance that complements her presence magnets the attention of all the men in the room. Make-up of different levels, talk about layers, eye-liners, lipsticks, hairdos, artificial lashes, handbags and shoes. Apparently, these are what have caught the attention of our world, we watch them, we appreciate them, and we adulate them, some also break their backs and fail miserably with the colours they use. 
On one of the red carpets of the world’s legendary award shows, the host of the red carpet for the entertainment television made this statement after spotting one of the female celebrities from afar. Her words amazed me, she told of how she bows at the altar of that particular celebrity and worships there because the make-up and hair, together with the dress was absolutely fabulous and breath-taking. 
After reading the poem A Truly Beautiful Woman, written by Chuck Johnson in honour of Margareth Peggy Demery, my thoughts got drawn to the guy who directed us in the beginning of this very article. If there was a chance meeting him, I would have given him reasons why he should get a map, the mental one, since his geographical map was not enough for his navigational competence. 
Well, some are tempted to say, the beautiful women are the poor ones, they have nothing, they aren’t sophisticated, they are simple, and that makes them beautiful. Others claim, the beautiful women are the ones with curves, flower vase shapes, coca-cola shapes and they may go on. To some, the beautiful women are those ones who go to church on a Sunday, are active, pray, read the Word of God; earthly angels. Some call the light skinned ones beautiful, for some it’s the chocolate complexioned lady, for others, it’s that dark girl, with the adorable African skin colour. 
Pause. Reflect, Pause. 
After a heated argument on beautiful women on one of the local radio stations, the host and his panel could barely conclude on who a beautiful woman was. In their defense, a beautiful woman lies always in the eyes of the beholder. Well, let me tell you where the beautiful women went, and I’ll also show you where to find them, and in my attempt, I’m certain I wouldn’t get you lost. 
Every woman on earth, has been blessed with beauty. For some, they have learnt how to enhance the beauty, others have gradually destroyed it, making themselves ugly, disgusting and annoying. 

For a reason, how could a beautiful woman, with a beautiful heart, carry and dump her new born baby, after nine months of tolerance in pain into a gutter somewhere? How do we call a woman beautiful, when she sits home daily and cares only about herself, buying shoes, clothes and perfumes, at the expense of her children’s education. Neither can we call beautiful the woman who spends all her time in church, going for programmes, whilst her family sits home, without a mother to talk to, someone to cook and assist in keeping the home. How do we call a woman beautiful when she attends parties, builds houses, whilst girls from her neighbourhood cannot afford a good meal?
It’s terrible to hear of abuse of children by women. It beats my imagination. The sound of a child’s cry that pushes no part of a woman makes that woman ugly. We cannot call a woman beautiful when she in attempt to inspire young girls for a following, she exposes the vital parts of her body and uses drugs. And how would I call a woman beautiful if she’s destroying another man’s family, having affairs with married men and while the other family tears apart, she laughs up her sleeve.  
In politics, how do we call women beautiful when they get in powerful positions and policies they make do not seek the interest of their fellow women and their children, when they, instead of aiding their husbands leave issues, rather influence them to push them to fight and continue unnecessary squabbles? 
Here they are, they are not far from us, I’ll show you… 
The world volleys women, maybe for the wrong reasons, but the beautiful women are here, in every home, some seem to have forgotten, some are discovering and guess what, heaven and earth, would never forget a beautiful woman, a woman who is and was truly beautiful. 
Let’s ponder over these quotes  
A beautiful woman goes deeper, her heart, body and soul speak everyday, when there’s turmoil, her silence is peace.

A beautiful woman fights, for the right, she observes, she’s patient, and when she strikes, she exposes the bitterness in the motives of enemies

Beautiful women don’t always need make up, they sparkle in their thoughts, they inspire with their actions.

For the mothers who hug other children, for the brave women taking up positions, topping academically, these women are beautiful. 

The beautiful woman who works, no matter where she finds herself, and is ready to show love to herself and her world, we honour those women today. 
Happy International Women’s Day.



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