Wedding Photography. Our Flaws Here and Everywhere. 

Smart phones, tablets, cameras and ready, set, go… We’ve all turned to photographers, self schooled and awarded with self-satisfactory certificates. While experts have advised at most three professional photographers take photos at a wedding, what we see here is absolutely intolerable. 

Not a fan of weddings, and being very selective of weddings I attend, mostly weddings of family members, the last wedding I attended was my cousin’s. After the recessionnal hymn, the couple had to move outside for the photographs as stated on the wedding program. 

They had re-appeared. Photographers everywhere. Not even the hired photographer had the perfect place to stand because these ‘contract no pay’ photographers were busy taking pictures. 

From no where, the bride’s father came, embarrassed and drove away the paparrazi at the wedding and asked that they put their cameras, phones and tablets away and give way to the real photographer to work. 

Disgraceful. People had to hide their cameras and gently walk away. 

Friends, I mean come on. Really? What do you use these pictures for? And guess what, there are some people who have no serious affiliation to the bride or groom but they are the loudest photographers ever present. They take all the pictures they can and in two days, after they’ve done all the social media gossip thing, they delete the pictures and go their way. 

Three or more friends taking a wedding selfie or pictures isn’t a bad idea. Receptions and late night wedding dinners are an apt place for photographs, moments such as the couple’s first dance and cake cutting could be photographed. It adds beauty to the wedding. 

Weddings remain a huge day for couples. Everything should be perfect. In the Catholic church, one would admire and relish the level of decency and orderliness in organizing a wedding, that person may have to think thrice before moving closer to the altar. 

Last year, at the only wedding I attended in the year, one guest had now began recording a video of those of us at the wedding while we were up for offering. How annoying. It gets more irritating when you realize the one taking photographs is only trying to show off a new phone or device. What a mismatch, smart phones with …. people.  

Definitely, you know how guilty you are, and in your defense, you’re trying to ask yourself, what’s my point? Wait until your wedding, and let people do same to you. You’ll get it better from there, I trust. 

Wedding Planners Have Failed.   

Ghanaians always want to be extra polite, they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, when it comes to these events. But when the right thing has to be done, cross boarders of friendship and tell them, first, second and the third time, give them the desired action. 

Hiring a photographer, placing ‘ALL PHOTOGRAPHS ARE TAKEN BY xxxxx Photography’ on the wedding card wouldn’t be a crime. Announce the ‘terms and conditions’ before the wedding, and when someone tries it, the pain of embarrassment would be on their own necks. 

How do we get the Photographs? 

Wedding photos are released. We get the first shots, we see them online. Congratulating Chris Attoh and his lovely wife would be right. Professionally done, maiden shots were released, while the others followed. Let’s give the credit to bloggers, photographers, fashion designers, interior decorators by acknowledging their work at every wedding or event. If you love the dress or make up, as soon as the wedding photographs are released, the right thing would be to contact the people concerned. 

Don’t be a victim. You would want to make someone’s wedding beautiful not be a facilitator of disorganization. 

After all, once we hold smart phones, let’s do the right thing. 

May March be fruitful. 


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