‘Dumsorlogy’: Five Remarkable Things to Do In This Period.

Very comical, and definitely thought-provoking how from a manageable situation, the ‘custodians of our land’ have decided to upgrade the manageability of our condition to total discomfort.

Like a season in the calendar, we have found a period called Power crisis aka Dumsor comfortably residing in almost every Ghanaian home, serving each and every one with its seasonal messages of heat, noisy-silence and losses.

Sometimes you marvel, who do we hold accountable for these sort of glitches? Well, you can’t start the blame game any time soon, because by the end of your intrapersonal deliberation, you’ll see yourself impugning so many persons while perhaps, the right deviants are sipping on bottles of wines with solar powered electrical appliances, taking life slickly with their kinfolks.


But wait, amidst the quandaries and tough circumstances that come with the existing condition, there’s a lot you could do in this time of inopportuneness, I mean how to make the perpetrators of this act, jealous and rather uncomfortable with how you are coping with the prevailing era.

Reading could be your newly found love. In most offices and businesses where there is no power, it is not strange to find personnel seated conversing and probably nattering all day long and finally when they discover it’s time to leave they say, ‘Oh, we did nothing today, or the day’s been completely wasted’. But if you want to make most of the dumsor season, (as it’s been already said there’ll be an end) books, magazines, newspapers and all sort of educational and educative reading materials should be your newest companions. For those who are religious, reading the Bible or other motivational books also help a lot. You’ll be amazed how profitably you’ve used your time, how well-informed you’ve been, and how much more convincing you will be in your arguments. Give it a try.

I remember the times I would sit by my grandmother in the lights out and would attentively suck on the tasty liquid of historical juice on almost everything. These were the times you learned about tradition, culture and rich Ghanaian history at no cost. This period is a time to get closer to your grandmothers, old people and all the grands you could ever think of. Spending time with them during the hours of silence and quiet, while they sit in the heat of the day, guarantees you not only grand-meals with the loving taste of original and traditional spices, but sweet and informative conversations on family history, how they found love, their own life stories, even tales on the political scene in their time: there’s a whole lot! You can’t stay home alone sleeping, spread your wings.

Playing games is one of the most profitable ways to show these people you’re not lonely. Before you probably call this crap, because you are so modern you are thinking about a PS4, kindly read on. It’s an annoying world now, everyone’s keeping their heads down, on their gadgets and screens and you barely could have a conversation with young people, simply because they’re engaged. Well… Go back to that board with the stars. Get your ludu dice, your oware, monopoly, chess, scrabble, cards and puzzles. They’re a great way to spend quality time with your family and friends during this season. I will congratulate the store keepers. They are amazing at it. Although, it gets boring at times, that’s the more reason why you could change to another game. Have fun, they simply can’t stop us; they know themselves…

It’s the time to test yourself, don’t make it seem as if you have been limited by anyone. This is one of the best times to add value to your talents, known and unknown. One of the most inspiring quotes I have ever read is one by Walt Disney, which says, ‘We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths’. There are some neighbours who would sing and sing while the lights are off. It’s your time. Try drawing, try painting, try writing, try building, try making a garden, a collage, and find something doing. You would be surprised to see how well you’ve done after the season and guess what, the presence of continuous lights though good news, may not be the source of your recreation and usefulness. The quote here is, ‘make the most of every situation’.

And finally, charge! Charge everything as soon as the opportunity comes. You should charge your phone, laptops, power-banks, lanterns and everything. These things are for emergencies, especially in this period. Charging them are a sure way of having gadgets to lean on when the worst comes to the worst.

It’s tough, it’ll be better, one of the most uncomfortable and challenging times in Ghana. We all can hope and pray, and trust that, at least those in charge would be responsible, quick and efficient.

Have a pleasant day!!!


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