February is Here.

Hello dear readers, it’s that time of the year, when love gets hyped. But you know love cannot be hyped, because love remains love always. The perfection of God is seen in His acts of Love He shows to us always. From the painful death of His Son, only Son on the cross to the very many sacrifices He’s made for us and for the world.

Coincidentally, most people start their Lenten season late February and concentrate on the three acts of Alms giving, prayer and fasting, all acts of love.

Love remains all we’ve got. In fact, most social gatherings are out of love. Whether it’s a wedding, a funeral, we call our loved ones to join us celebrate and mourn with us.

This month, I’ll also be showing you lots of love, and giving you something special almost each day on this platform.

But take a look at this picture…


What does it tell you? I’ll tell you what it tells me…

Love isn’t gifts alone
Love remains not kisses and passion
Love steps beyond boundaries
Love is the sincerity of the ordinary
Expressed from the depths of a heart
Love surprises those around you
Love makes their hearts beat
Love makes them wonder, ‘Would I have done this?’
Love is everything, Love means all

Have a blessed week and month! Love and blessings!!!

Share with me your message from this picture too.

Photo Credit: @babyanimals


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