Bank of New Year’s Messages

These are just to help you, my first post of 2015. Thank you for being there. We bless God for how far He’s brought us all!

1. A new year means a new start. May you experience God’s grace upon your life as you start this new year, may this grace push you into areas of success, peace and prosperity.
Happy new year.

2. Dear mum, thank you for being there for me all this while. I pray this new year becomes a year of favor and super grace for you, may you see God’s hand so strong in every area of your life.
Happy new year mum.

3. I’ll hold your hand, I’ll kiss your lips, I’ll hug you tight my dear, just to remind you of how special you are to me in 2015. I love you, and may we grow in this unity to experience to fruitfulness of this new year.
Happy new year.

4. God has started with you, He will end it with you. He’s the author and finisher, the beginning and the end. God will touch you fully, bless you entirely and this year would be your year. This isn’t just a wish, they’re words and seeds of faith.
Happy new year.

5. Friends are hard to come by, people are everywhere, but friends are scarce. Our friendship has been special. In the past year, you showed me love, you thought me care, you cried with me and laughed with me. You’re too special a friend, and may the joy of the new year keep us close in love of God.
Happy new year.


6. Happy new year
I just stopped at your door to change your calendar since you were still out and had not changed it. I also dropped packs of success, good health, peace and love for you to pick up in the new year. Enjoy twenty fifteen dear one.

7. The new year is here again, I know you’re in the hospital, sick and tired. But God isn’t done yet. I prayed for you this night, and I trust that angels would come to your bedside this year with your healing package. Meanwhile, be strong, be firm and know that, the new year would bring good things.
I care… Happy new year

8. Happy new year.
I know we had a tough year, our friendship hit the rocks and we couldn’t spend much time together. I’ve thought about you, and I know you mean a lot. I’m sorry, I know you are too, let’s make this work. Enjoy the year!

9. May you experience God’s favor, God’s peace, God’s hope and God’s presence in this year. You wouldn’t lack, you’ll soar, you’ll be blessed and everything you touch would prosper.
Happy new year!

10. New year comes right after Christmas to assure us of the birth of Jesus and His absolute control over our lives, businesses, time and money. While we leave the terrible or good past of the gone year, we embrace with joy the super present and abundant hope of the new year. Much love and peace!
Happy new year.


5 thoughts on “Bank of New Year’s Messages

  1. Hello

    Hope u r good? I just want to say thank you for being a part of my year. Its been a great yr. Lots of laughs, smiles, joy, some shocks & tears. But in all its been a wonderful year for me. Knowingly or unknowingly u contributed to it. I’ve learnt alot & i wanna say God bless you richly. Happy new year

  2. NYC messages!!! keep up da good work… may God continue to shower His blessings on u now and forever!! tanx for ur wonderful,n inspirational messages last year! we hope dis year is gonna b wow!!! happy new year dear!!!!

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