We Don’t Have Everything

Has your year already ended? Did you get the car you claimed for last year? Did you get that new wife, or did Adjoa become yours or someone else’s? You said you’ll gain a promotion and spend more time with your family, did it happen?


Then you take a little time and go and see your own self. You consult, you ask so many whys and hows, you so dearly want to end the year right. But there are better words for you, to help you know, that there’s going to be better things for you.

This friend is here to reassure you of something. His birth should tell you more, and here it is;

We Don’t Have Everything
What we have, some don’t have
And what we don’t some need more

We don’t have everything
Temples of strength, tents of weakness
Are reversed in lives own directional opposites

We don’t have everything
Our lives are silent, others awakening alarms
Eternal Wisdom gives us enviable balance

But we won’t have everything
Simply because we can’t have everything
Everything or anything every

But while you’ve got Jesus, you’ve have everything to make you impossible
It’s only here everything makes an abode.



5 thoughts on “We Don’t Have Everything

  1. indeed we can’t have everything! but if we have Jesus we have everything.. I like DAT part…tnx very much . God bless u!!! Happy new yr in advance…

  2. The Word of God says “The world and everything in it that people desire is passing away; but those who do the Will of God live for ever.”1 Jn 2:17.
    Don’t be sad when u don’t have everything; rather, be concerned with your relationship with God.

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