Oh Ye Perfunctory Act of Ghana’s!

When would you be sung? Oh beloved sleeping comrade of Ghana

When would thy children crease around your stanzas?

More than mere words, you motioned zeal from the profounds of primogenitures

Osagyefo, Busia, and others on that podium, couldn’t accommodate thy fathomless powers

Oh, oh, oh… Ah! Ghana’s own lover and love

Unconsciously, they’ve made you an assemble formula, procedure, convention

Others have forgotten you till it’s the sixth of the third or fourth of the sixth

Well… Men say facts are stubborn things, They are justified, aren’t they?

Matin Corruption Après Midi Inflation le soir Cholera

At night, when they should retire with a cheer or a song, Dumsor approaches


Crude balance has become a mental imbalance; to some almost a ‘Quantum Entanglement’

But amidst these, you once restored hope, you raised a joyous momentum in their hearts

Oh, how you’d have loved it; that you were sung each day, with undefined devotion

That thy words would be endeared mellifluously, mollycoddled with impeccable adhesion

Reaffirm a slumbering truth; our worth, centuries better than party-talk, hatred, theft and pain;

That within us, lies the true Spirit of the Black Star of Hope!

Image Credit: ghanaflag.facts.co


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