The Bad Boys and Girls Always Stay

I don’t know how they come about, but in every school, at almost every gathering, they existed. In the mixed schools, they were a group of boys who sat at the back of the class and made noises, teased and gossiped about others.

There was also another group of girls who also kept a tight confraternity, they moved together, they spoke about others, mingled with some, excused themselves from some people who they found not their class, or above, that is probably.

After the basic level education, we thought we had finished with those folks, but we saw them appear in the secondary level too. We had to tolerate these people as well.
They were more of opinion leaders, would laugh at people who were extremely serious and when they say someone’s annoying, that means, about eighty percent of the class has to agree.

Even in the university, they still appeared. Those boys and girls who wouldn’t contribute anything in class but sit and laugh at people’s flaws. They dated the big girls, they laughed at those who were serious-minded and called them names.

It is funny that up to this day, these bad boys and bad girls haven’t left. It seems they have chased us all along the way.
But in actual sense you don’t have to worry. In case you were intimidated by them here are some easy ways to ignore them, be you, and move on to be the pearl you were born to be.

1. Read your Bible
You would be amazed to find the number of things God reveals about Himself in the Bible. He tells you how He’s all for you, how He cannot forget you, how by His own mighty hand He led the people of Egypt and so much more. He also goes further, through His Holy Spirit to express who you are. He mentions that you’re fearfully and wonderfully made! Aw, isn’t that superb. Who can intimidate you when you are assured of these? Who can stop you, not even the bad boys and girls, you’re capable, you can and you will!

2. Read inspirational stories
You’ve heard of people who’ve had to go through humiliation and pain because of a disability, a behavioral trait, or even a good quality. You remember those people who were tagged as ‘cref’ meaning unusually pious? Or those who were tagged as ‘concerned citizen’ because they’ll take a broom and sweep when they’ve not been asked to? Inspirational stories would define a world of difference to you! Stories as such would change your perception about comments people make, and give you thick skin against their evil and offensive words.

3. Don’t be a people-pleaser.
It’s just not worth it reading this piece if you’re not ready to be on the side of pleasing God, a good conscience or even a good cause. Remember, the more strong willed you are, the better. Being a people pleaser means, you’ll stop any and almost everything just to have the approval of everybody. Funny enough, not always does everyone approve. Some will approve and they dispute in a micro second. Some would pretend to approve and within they hate you bad for such an initiative. Don’t stop to please people, if you trust your God, you have a good conscience and it could change the world, do it!


4. Dress Well.
I was very uncertain about this point, but it counts too. Depending on what you define as ‘well’ I think good dressing has a way of warding off bad boys and girls spirits.
I’m not saying always put on a tie and suit, even in extremely hot weather to prove a point, I’m only saying, don’t be enemies with your iron, don’t be enemies with your tuck-in and belt… Yeah yeah, those things.
It’s great to create for yourself a brand-name, but it should be decent and precise. You call the bad boys and girls to assume their seats when you expose indecently parts of your body at the workplace, church, wherever. Be you in the most beautiful way.

5. Smile
Learn to do that a lot. That confident smile, that beautiful smile, that simple smile, even the forced smile, give it to them. Let them know you aren’t intimidated. You don’t always have up say a lot to make them aware you’re not perturbed by their comments! A smile is just what God has infused you with, it’s a weapon of mass protection, against verbal and attitudinal thorns of people who don’t approve your every good work. They just can’t digest the you’re moving on, effortlessly displaying your peacock strides at work. Keep smiling today, you can make a difference.

Dear friend, even in the Bible, people faced the worse ‘bad boys and girls’. They mocked Abraham, they teased Noah, they disturbed Moses, they laughed at Jesus. But today, Men as such stand tall, with glory all around them.

You’re unstoppable! It’s your time to prove them wrong.

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Have a blessed week!


7 thoughts on “The Bad Boys and Girls Always Stay

  1. You definitely hit the nail right on the head.These people are stuck like glue and they never seem to come off even when people shake them off. But knowing that God’s promises are true and unshakable is definitely a source of joy and comfort to anyone facing this kind off crowd.

  2. yhh…..very powerful.”even the forced smile give it to them”I love this statement…. tnx veri much dear

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