A Session With My Psychologist

I’m confused. I’m I the only one, or others share my plight. I cannot seem to get things straight. And it’s only one problem.


I found out after my research that many share my plight. They also cannot solve the puzzle. A puzzle so simple, because some seem to have mastered it so easily.

So I plan on visiting my psychologist. Some even suggest a psychiatrist, they feel it’s a mental disorder, they feel it’s deeper than usual, but to me, I need to sit up and train.

Aw, so you’re thinking I get angry and probably start piercing myself with needles? Or I am unable to handle stress? Oh no, come on, my problem has caused me worse effects than this.

I almost lost a chunk of marks in my examination. I had the ideas, I solved the question right, but my problem succeeded. I design too. I lost a contract because I trusted I had improved, but to my surprise, I failed miserably, I turned the book format and my professor got angry. He said I seemed to be too careless, but as a matter of fact, I was too too careful.

This is my problem. Serve me a plate with the following words:
1. Verso and Recto
2. Landscape and Portrait
3. Vertical and Horizontal
4. Interviewer and interviewee

You know where I’m going don’t you? It’s interesting. I’ve used illustrations and tried to fix the problem but it gets worse by the day.

Could you imagine, I just asked the one sitting by me to help me with Vertical and Horizontal again?

He said vertical is the one standing and horizontal is the one laying on the ground.

So I’ve devised a plan, the V of Vertical would remind of a line that stands, and the cross bar of the H would tell me of one that sits.

Are you sure you aren’t laughing at me? The worse of them all is rows and columns. Damn, I know you sometimes flop too.

I’m selling my disease on the market for a cure, would my readers be my dear psychologists? Share with me your solution.

Pleasant Day!!!


8 thoughts on “A Session With My Psychologist

  1. Hahaha I’m I’m the same clinic with you. I can’t tell the difference between nice and nephew too.I know it’s seem so simple but I still cnt get it, I cnt get horizontal and vertical intact almost everything you seem not to get.

  2. I need a PSYCHOLOGIST too, I just dont know who featured who on whose song. My ‘i’ always come before my ‘e’ when I spell the word “receive”.

    Great piece there Bobby, so simple, yet it had depth.

  3. One funny thing is how we pause for a moment either to pull or push when confronted with the “Pull or Push” door. happens to me lots. i guess i’m in the same ship.

    • Thank you Nii, this one is new, but after giving it some thought, it’s very true. Then I suppose you get to battle this at the entrance of banks as well? Maybe it’s a part of life we should understand. Haha

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