Two Sides of The Life-Coin.

Ah, but you heard life is beautiful?
Hmm, see Auntie Ama and her children,
Did you see her Range Rover and Rolls Royce?
Like she’s making an R collection of cars
My little sister asked me the last time
Have they finally removed the boxing ring from their home
Her little mind resisted to fathom
Why they owned everything except peace
Silence and quiet in their home, like an old woman’s angry grace curse
They’ve never witnessed peace for a week
So I lied to her, and said;
Ayittey Powers and Bukom usually visited
But after her husband’s funeral,
She was still furious, her children continued
Well, they said, life is beautiful,
So I asked her to take it so.


Last week we sojourned to our hometown
My sister tapped me by the arm
I thought; she is about to hit me with questions
Her heart was troubled, she was confused
Maybe she just heard some players received three million dollars
From some folks who claimed to be in a monetary retreat
And came back after an extra game
She tapped me harder, she called my name
See Awuradjoa and Attawura her father
Farmers and rearers, almost nothing to boast of,
Maybe an acre and some dung, their crops killed by a disease
But they called us to dine,
little, but they cared less
Their faces beamed with smiles, the jokes, just great love
A deep contrast to life in the city my sister witnessed,
She did not understand how the principles work.

My mind paused and was silent,
an answer for the little girl, I had to give,
Well, I looked at her, pondered and wondered
The exact effrontery, maybe, to calm this young heart
Sweetheart, take it or leave it;
Such is life, a written story,
You choose what you want to see
Whether to live in chains or to live free
Beyond material possessions is that real you
That you that reaches for the divine
To reflect within the souls of the weary
Your heart would soar; your faith would rise
Only if you choose, to live above your present
And touch the future, with an unfailing boldness;
Your name would be inscribed, among greatest, the conquerors and the most phenomenal beings.


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