Seven Years Ago; My Poetry Life

It’s been a desire to write poems. I bumped into these ones I wrote seven years ago, how time flies?

What are your thoughts. Let me know? Published twice in the mirror, I think I was only trying…


What is life to you
Some say life is a fight
They master the skill and hold the sword
To slash away all their troubles
That make their day a hell

Some say life is a song
They would practise the tune,
To produce a pleasant sound
That would resound in enemy’s ears.

Some also say life is a race
They master the flair
And running with all their might
They always make a win.

I say life is a book
The moment i was born, i began to write
I would master the phrases and tenses
And end with a proud dot.


Anger is equivalent to hunger
It makes you look much slender
Makes your speech like thunder
Showing your unfriendly temper

If anger were a brother
I would have told my father
To cut his head in power
And protect our lovely family character

Anger makes me wonder
If I could have caused such danger
‘Cos I never knew I was wilder
To yield to anything that meager

The next time I meet anger
I would be more wiser
And treat every issue further
And build that peaceful and sound tower.


Dignity, A found treasure
Your dignity is found treasure
You keep it for your future
For it is a sure way to measure
How you manage society pressure

The way you talk is power
Encourage and become a builder
Insult, and your name is destroyer
Any of these done, surely takes you further

What you wear spells a name,
Good dressing is worth a decent fame
That stands like a lion’s mane
That everyone learns from your gain

Speak the truth all the time
This makes your judgement only a mime
Because all know you of no crime
In honesty, you are prime

Your dignity is your life
You keep it, an honorable wife
She stays with you even past five
And thrives with you in life’s fire.

There you have it guys. Share your thoughts!

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