Vodafone Ghana’s Big Hug to Ghana’s Health!


Vodafone Healthline, if you have spent time to watch is a combination of various elements to make everyone learn, get inspired and motivated.

As I sat to watch an episode of this program, I realized that when people give money and see what their
money is being used for, they are motivated to give more and more to support that good cause.

Being a witness of how most adults complain of buying phone credits, I was amazed to find out that some of these adults voluntarily bought more credits just to send to the Vodafone Healthline short code to support them.

The program is a perfect initiative. It makes you know that people could help others smile in our community and make them the beautiful people they once were before the pain of sickness and discomfort crossed their path.

After I watched the episode on the young girl who had hurt her pelvis, I was immediately touched. I took my phone and sent a message. I just couldn’t hide the inspiration, the joy and overall, the absolute professionalism these four young doctors exhibited on the screen.

Vodafone Chose Doctors We’d All Love
The four doctors we see almost every week come with some energy and calm. The absolute encouragement is that they exhibit the art of medicine through their words and calmness.
After introducing the problem, these doctors assure the viewers and patients of how complicated but solvable their conditions are.



They may not be doctors over fifty, but their ‘young’ minds send information to the thousands of doctors across the country. Sitting patients down, detailing them of their problems and giving them possible solutions would calm them down and bless their diseased bodies with a renewed hope.

Their in depth knowledge of what they talk about radiates the illuminations of the medical profession. They pick the topic or disease, tell you the risk, symptoms and cure in a period of thirty minutes, minus the adverts. Can’t others do same? Not to say all doctors aren’t that patient. I have met some beautiful ones, I always remember them and pray for them.

The show’s segments are intelligently scheduled. My favourite part is the ‘Sexual Health’ segment, that’s if I had it right. Then the part where the audience get to share their views by asking questions on topics that matter.
In all the program is highly educative and everyone loves this Vodafone has done, it’s admired, it’s welcomed and it’s superb.
Checking up on beneficiaries is another thing the show brings. They give hope, they change lives and advise us on how we could make lives better.

My Thoughts
I watch this program on so many stations. Coupled with Kokui’s sweet voice, let me commend greatly the producers of the show; You’re the spelling of QUALITY in Ghanaian health.

And they asked us to call 255 too. Well done Vodafone, you’ve given Ghanaian citizens a big hug; We cherish this!

Photo credit: vibeghana.com


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