Ebola Scare, What People are Doing Wrong and Right.

‘Too much literacy could cause ignorance?’ The authenticity of this statement would be revealed after you journey with me for a while.

During midday news on one of the renowned television stations, the staff had decided not to employ the finger-print registration system but rather, go past it. To them the finger print device could cause them the risk of getting the deadly Ebola virus.

What was their suggestion? Those who did not employ the use of the system were of the view that management should provide a book so that they use their private pen to sign and write their names.

Why I laughed
I remember those days I worked as a teacher and we used a book to register. There were times some of the teachers had sweaty palms and pressed their hands firmly on the books to write. I asked myself, what was their point exactly, if only I heard right, Ebola transmission categorically included fluids from infected persons?

Any Way Out
Yes, most definitely; if we are going to solve the situation, we should do it right. I’m absolutely surprised to still hear the phrase, ‘Government is going to’ and being proactive lets be briefed with ‘Government has done’.

The education on personal hygiene should be intensified. Ghanaian communities should not be spared when it comes to cleanliness and good sanitation. The huge question is before a heap of rubbish became a refuse dump, where were the members of the community.
What are the local assemblies and authorities waiting for before they sanction the filth makers?

What is the right thing
Let’s hope. It’s as simple as that. As we try as much as possible to keep out personal hygiene at its best, prayer and positive thinking would help.
Let’s be strong and support the government, taking care of our surroundings and educating anyone we can.


My Scare
Schools, universities, where students converge. Again parks, stadia and crowded places. It’s not a scary scare anyway, it’s a controllable scare.

Aid from Abroad?
I wish I wouldn’t hear that at all. The major headline I wanted to see in the news was


That would have made my day. Now, in one of the headlines I hear some local doctors have run away while we are yet to receive aid.

God bless who ever is bringing the $200million to help us. We need it, and we know God will give us a way for sure.

Image Credit: myjoyonline.com


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